EBTIElectronic Buddhist Text Initiative
EBTIEuropean Binding Tariff Information
EBTIElectronic Binding Tariff Information (UK)
EBTIÉlectricité Bâtiment Tertiaire Industriel (French: Tertiary Industrial Electricity Building)
EBTIEvidential Breath Testing Instrument (UK)
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Surveillance (Application for managing surveillance data) - EBTI (Application for managing the European binding tariff information).
TARIC (Integrated Community Tariff), TQS (Tariff Quota and Surveillance) and EBTI (European Binding Tariff Information): The purpose of these systems is to ensure that the Member States apply EU legislation on customs tariffs uniformly.
The ITMS must comply with all functional and technical specifications as issued by the Directorate-General for Taxation and Customs Union and is expected to consist of systems, such as TARIC (integrated tariff of the European Union), surveillance, quota, EBTI (European binding tariff information), ECICS (European customs inventory of chemical substances), SMS (specimen management system).