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EBUSEndobronchial Ultrasound (diagnosis technique)
EBUSElectronic Bus
EBUSExpansion Bus
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EBUS has now become an established practice in many centres as the first-line mediastinal investigation for the diagnosis and staging of lung cancer.
Radial EBUS has a 20-MHz (12e30 MHz available) rotating transducer that can be inserted together with or without a guide sheath through the working channel (2.
The diagnostic value of EBUS TBNA in the mediastinal and hiler lymph nodes was 82.
Endobronchial Ultrasonography covers all of the standard techniques and the new developments involved in EBUS as it combines two common procedures, bronchoscopy and real-time ultrasonography.
The current study was conducted to investigate the diagnostic value of EBUS elastography for mediastinal and hilar lymph node metastasis in lung cancers.
Unfortunately, the learning curve for EBUS is fairly steep," said Dr.