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EBXMLElectronic Business Using Xml
EBXMLElectronic Business Extensible Markup Language
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The ebXML group's charter was to research, develop, and promote global standards goals, based on XML to exchange business data electronically and by doing so to improve the efficiency and lower the cost of doing business worldwide.
Covinst will use ebXML a global standard for business documents for the so-called "message transport" layer.
The ebXML guidelines are designed to help companies put electronic documents into a common format that can be understood by applications on both sides of a B2B transaction, even if different vendors make the applications.
The documents and messages exchanged online would be represented in the ebXML language.
The ebXML effort came to a successful conclusion at the group's May 2001 meeting in Vienna, Austria.
We need to give special attention to ebXML in order to implement process-driven e-business service integrations.