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EBXMLElectronic Business Using Xml
EBXMLElectronic Business Extensible Markup Language
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The Web services community has proposed different Web services composition languages such as BPEL4WS [7], WSFL (Web Service Flow Language) [5], ebXML [3] for the interoperability of business process.
DTTN has adopted the ebXML standard in defining the document structure standards.
Topics include evaluating centrality measures in large call graphs, a DAG synchronization constraint language for business processes, registering UMM business collaboration models in an ebXML registry, and dynamic resource prices in a combinatorial grid system.
It enables Tchibo to send invoices and credit messages that conform to the ebXML format developed by the Optimum Foodservice Supply Chain Initiative (OFSCI).
The ISO recently announced it has approved a suite of four ebXML OASIS standards for conducting business over the Internet.
The biggest names in software, including BEA and Microsoft, use iWay adapters to simplify access to ERP and CRM systems, messaging, legacy systems, e-business protocols like AS2 and ebXML, and more.
(Dr.Elma isn't a medical doctor; it's an acronym for Digital Rights for E-Learning Materials, which operates through DRM encryption technology and ebXML architecture.) A content-centric take on DRM came from Xerox's Andrew Jones.
The test was conducted in Seoul during the Electronic Business Extensible Markup Language (ebXML) Asian Committee meeting October 25-29, which was hosted by the Korea Institute for Electronic Commerce, by using a Korean ebXML test-bed KorBIT.
Automated data Establish ebXML-compliant SOAP web service via an exchange HTTPS connection after appropriate authentication; encrypted messages use industry standard ebXML format and include standardized HL7, version 2.3; HL7, version 3.0; X12; and LDIF message content.
OASIS technical specifications include the suite of Electronic Business Initiative XML (ebXML) specifications for secure messaging, registry services, service-oriented architecture, security assertion and Web services.