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EBYEnte Binacional Yaciretá (Argentina-Paraguay)
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For information, contact Irene Eby at (847) 909-1480.
Eby cites Southcentral Foundation's Nuka System of Care, a relationship-based, customer-owned approach to healthcare that enhances services and outcomes while reducing expenses.
Able now to deliver oxygen, hospital beds and stair climbers, Discount Dmg Mart is "just starting to scratch the surface of the potential synergies" between its traditional retail store business and home health care business, Eby says.
Eby takes a two-pronged approach to build her arguments.
The itinerary is by no means comprehensive: Eby doesn't go looking for Robert Penn Warren on the Tennessee-Kentucky border or Alice Walker in rural Georgia.
When asked about which KWMU story has had the most impact, Eby pointed to a series of reports by Veronique LaCapra and radio reporter Chris McDaniel, who have been investigating Missouri's execution process.
Nevertheless, there is evidence that some mentoring relationships can be ineffective and even harmful to proteges and mentors (Eby & Allen, 2002; Eby, Butts, Lockwood, & Simon, 2004; Scandura, 1998).
The empirical study of negative mentoring from the perspective of the proteges by Eby and McManus (2004) suggests how typical the negative experience was related positively to its perceived impact on the relationship.
Eby, Department of English, University of South Carolina/Beaufort, 801 Carteret Street, Beaufort, SC 29902.
The winners included Pete Eby, who is pursuing a degree in computer networking at St.
Tim Eby was named the general manager of the radio station.
Betsy Eby does richly elegant drawings in graphite and encaustic, or hot wax, and Richard Hutter works in collage and acrylic on canvas.