EBPSEuropean Behavioural Pharmacology Society
EBPSEast Bridgewater Public Schools (East Bridgewater, MA)
EBPSEuropean Board of Paediatric Surgery
EBPSÉcole de Badminton Paris Sport (French badminton school; Paris, France)
EBPSEncapsulated Ballistic Protection System (Kelly Space & Technology, Inc, San Bernardino, CA)
EBPSEnvironmental Benefit Permit Strategy
EBPSEnhanced Project By-Laws Scheme (Australia)
EBPSExabit per Second
EBPSElectron Beam Projection System
EBPSExabyte per Second
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These third-generation questions revolve around identifying which PD interventions are most efficacious for which EC practitioners, for which EBPs, and under what conditions.
9) The Justice Reinvestment Initiative, which has been run by the Bureau of Justice Assistance since 2006, has attempted to foster the adoption of EBPs, such as the use of risk and needs assessments.
Another possible consequence might be that some small business employers will discontinue their EBPs rather than absorb such additional unwarranted costs.
The Group has signed a new EBPS agreement with the Social Welfare Department for the new care and attention home.
One training approach that has been found to be effective in helping teachers to build and maintain skills and confidence to use EBPs frequently and reliably is initial training followed by coaching (Kretlow & Bartholomew, 2010; Snyder, Hemmeter, & Fox, 2015).
Offering training to staff on delivery of new EBPs and ORT, and especially on provision of HIV test results and posttest counseling, might help to enhance the comfort level of those for whom these responsibilities are potentially worrisome or challenging.
While the causal factors behind the research to practice gap remain an empirical question (Gersten, Chard, & Baker, 2000), it is clear that more work must be conducted to increase teacher use of EBPs, and more specifically praise, particularly for students with EBD.
The dominant method to teach practices and skills associated with EBPs is training, through either workshops or on-line courses.
Training post-graduate practitioners in EBPs is not a straightforward process.
A shift in priority may indicate that EBP is being used by clinicians because of the recent awareness of the IHI "VAP Bundle" publication (Feider et al.
2010; Aarons, McDonald, Sheehan, & Walrath-Greene, 2007) was developed to assess mental health provider attitudes toward adoption of innovation and EBPs in mental health and social service settings, and has been used to investigate how workers' attitudes are related to a set of individual differences (Aarons, 2004; Aarons & Sawitzky, 2006; Aarons, et al.
We contend that incorporating EBPs into both new and existing FBOs' service programs can enhance their effectiveness.