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EC2Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon)
EC2Enroute Command and Control
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We continue to focus on increasing that flexibility," said Peter De Santis, General Manager of Amazon EC2.
According to Amazon Web Services, developers using Amazon EC2 can now acquire Elastic IP addresses, static IP addresses intended for dynamic cloud computing, which can be dynamically remapped to point to any compute instance in a developer's Amazon EC2 account.
Conversely, Amazon EC2 is always connected to the backbone of the internet where round-trip latency is 5 milliseconds or less to most web sites rather than the 100 milliseconds seen over wireless connections.
Saving the time, effort and expertise needed to secure an OS and install a commercial Anti-virus product, the AVG technology can be launched, ready for use, as rapidly as any other instance on Amazon EC2.
We're pleased to be supporting and building on the rich Amazon EC2 platform.
Our customers have been vocal about their need to provision supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the same way that they provision AWS EC2 and only pay for what they use.
We've been working on an innovative way to do this that comes to fruition with Amazon EC2 C5 instances.
The advanced graphics features of Amazon EC2 G3 instances help our customers edit their work with the same quality and fidelity they would expect from a local workstation, and deliver results faster and much more cost effectively than previously possible.
As Amazon EC2 does not provide job execution or resource management services, a cloud resource management system can act as middleware between user and Amazon EC2.
Maxeler's first AWS Marketplace offering to leverage Amazon EC2 F1 will be Financial risk applications for CVA and SIMM calculations, helping a wide range of banks to calculate counterparty default risk charges as well as margin for non-cleared trading.
Scheduled, forever incremental backup of EC2 instances to a backup repository which can be located anywhere: in the same Amazon region, in a different Amazon region, or in a local office
It's an ideal fit for companies that want all the flexibility of Amazon with better cost metrics, a highly performant MySQL database and a flexible EC2 approach.