EC6Enhanced CANDU (Canada Deuterium Uranium) 6 (trademark of Atomic Energy of Canada, Ltd.)
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Michael Soulard, EC6 project director for Candu, says the 12 billion [pounds sterling] Canmox proposal would feature extensive use of local supply chains.
Results were reported in endotoxin units (EU) with reference to EC5 or EC6 reference standard endotoxin (U.
This makes for a much narrower, more aerodynamic spar cross section (for mast, spreaders and boom), which reduces windage and drag, with the whole affair supported by Southern Spars EC6 lightweight carbon running rigging to hugely reduce weight aloft, further improving righting moment.
Electoral constituencies Current member EC1 Central London and north R M Clutterham * Thames EC2 South-west England and E M Richardson south Wales EC3 East Midlands and East R H Tidd Anglia EC4 West Midlands J D Green EC5 North-east England J Weston EC6 North-west England and A M Boffey north Wales EC6 North-west England and K Newbury north Wales EC7 Scotland A G Taylor EC11 Central southern England S S Wayment EC12 South-east England M E Hill * Member not eligible to stand again, on Council for having served more than nine years.
Results were reported in endotoxin units with reference to the EC5 or EC6 reference standard endotoxin [U.
These features, combined with a large Southern Spars carbon rig flying a square-topped main, and supported by EC6 carbon rigging, together with masthead composite runners, and keel-stepped mast jack to easily tension the forestay and trim sail twist, makes for a powerful, but easily sailed, 40-footer.
At present, Bti PIB cytotoxic effects have been reported for human erythrocytes, canine kidney fibroblasts (MDCK cells), mouse fibroblasts (L929 cells), primary pig lymphocytes, and mouse epithelial carcinoma cells (EC2, EC5 and EC6 cells) (8,10,44,45).
EC Current Member ECl - Performance Operations R Bellis-Jones EC2 - Performance Management RI Wilson EC3 - Enterprise Operations S T Stapleford EC3 - Enterprise Management A R Wood EC4 - Financial Operations S M Hoof EC5 - Financial Management J H Whitehead EC6 - Enterprise Management F Windsor * EC7 - Financial Operations J D Callander ecu - Financial Management M Agate ECU - Financial Operations H R Janagol EC12 - Financial Management S M K Clackworthy * Members who have indicated they do not wish to stand again
The Swan 100 Fantastica was one of the first large cruisers to use Southern Spars EC6 carbon standing rigging, saving a whopping two tons from its previous rod rigging.
K Newbury: EC6, North West England and North Wales.
In keeping with the yacht's performance orientated design, a package of Southern Spars carbon EC6 standing rigging was selected.