ECAAEuropean Common Aviation Area
ECAAElectrical Contractors Association of Alberta (Canada)
ECAAE-Commerce Asia Association (consortium)
ECAAEuropean Community Association Agreement
ECAAEgyptian Civil Aviation Authority
ECAAEssex County Archery Association (UK)
ECAAEuropean Conference on Aluminium Alloys
ECAAEarly Childhood Admissions Assessment (testing program)
ECAAEthiopian Civil Aviation Authority (Ethiopia)
ECAAÉchelle des Conduites Autoagressives (French developmental disorders)
ECAAEsophageal Cancer Awareness Association
ECAAEast County Art Association (El Cajon, CA)
ECAAEchelon Corps And Above
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Members of the House approved one version of the ECAA bill last Wednesday, with most Republicans voting for the bill and most Democrats opposing it.
The agreement permitted EU carriers to continue flights beyond the United States toward third countries and to fly between the United States and non-EU countries that are members of the ECAA, such as Norway.
The ECAA has set up an operation room to trace the movement of the cloud in
The latter study investigated whether the use of the PT/INR Line from a small set of 5 ECAA calibrant plasmas certified with manually determined INRs could reliably replace local ISI calibration.
In a major change of practice, all future ECAA applications will be decided by embassy visa staff rather than by officials at home, Mr Blunkett confirmed.
Mr Moxon alleged ECAA applications were being rubber-stamped and that these key checks were not taking place.
Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer has said that he believes enough Senate Democrats will support the ECAA bill for it to pass in the Senate.
With regard to plasma/whole blood differences, the ECAA initially studied the reliability of use of plasma samples in calibrating the CoaguChek monitor (1) with an international sensitivity index (ISI).
The move is aimed at increasing passenger numbers by making Estonia's Tallinn Airport a better transfer point, said Toomas Peterson, the head of the ECAA.
If President Donald Trump fails to sign the ECAA bill, or another appropriations extension bill, into law quickly, the federal government could begin a partial shutdown at midnight on Friday.
Developing User guides containing instructions for working with the software product and nomenclature system and method for classification, storage, digitization and indexing of documents ECAA / RPSIRSPNSMKSDIDS /.
In the long term, the Commission nonetheless aims for standardisation, essentially to avoid an overabundance of statutes, rights and obligations within the ECAA.