ECAEEmirates College for Advanced Education (United Arab Emirates)
ECAEEscuela del Cuerpo de Abogados del Estado (Spanish: Training System of the State Bar; Argentina)
ECAEEqual Channel Angular Extrusion (iron processing)
ECAEEnquête sur la Couverture de l'Assurance-Emploi (French: Coverage Survey of Employment Insurance; Canada)
ECAEEdina Center for Academic Excellence (Edina, MN)
ECAEEast Coast Auto Electric (St. Duryea, PA)
ECAEEau Claire Association of Educators (Eau Claire, WI)
ECAEElectrical Computer-Aided Engineering
ECAEEarly Childhood Absence Epilepsy
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The die used in the ECAE experiments has two equal channels with a square cross-section of 10 mm x 10 mm and an intersecting angle of 90[degrees].
The image of our proposed die for ECAE is given in figure 2 (a, b).
Another drawback is the incorrect flow of the material in the ECAE process due to the fact that the walls of the die are not tangent to the outer radius.
Another big disadvantage of the die is that the assemblage screws are threaded, and during the ECAE processing they warp and the die can not be opened.
The considerations made on our proposed die design for ECAE may reveal the following conclusions: the proposed die is not adequate for a proper ECAE processing because the die must be centered, the dimensions must be higher for a good position during ECAE processing and the die must not contain screws, because during the ECAE processing the screws warp and the die can not be opened.
Future researches will be based on designing a new ECAE die with Luis' geometry and also on the material flow behaviour through the die channel.
An upper bound solution of ECAE process with outer curved corner.