ECAEEmirates College for Advanced Education (United Arab Emirates)
ECAEEscuela del Cuerpo de Abogados del Estado (Spanish: Training System of the State Bar; Argentina)
ECAEEqual Channel Angular Extrusion (iron processing)
ECAEEnquête sur la Couverture de l'Assurance-Emploi (French: Coverage Survey of Employment Insurance; Canada)
ECAEEdina Center for Academic Excellence (Edina, MN)
ECAEEast Coast Auto Electric (St. Duryea, PA)
ECAEEau Claire Association of Educators (Eau Claire, WI)
ECAEElectrical Computer-Aided Engineering
ECAEEarly Childhood Absence Epilepsy
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The classroom simulations have been offered at the ECAE, in collaboration with the University of Florida, since the beginning of June.
Educators in Florida control and manage the virtual characters in order to deliver a number of classroom experiences and challenges for our students," explained Dr Farouq Almeqdadi, team leader for maths and virtual class coordinator at the ECAE.
[10], the authors study the influence of the ECAE process over an AA-6061 subsequently hot forged.
In this present study, a straight blade, which can form a part of such important elements as compressors or fans, has been manufactured starting from AA-5083 previously processed by ECAE twice (N2) with route C at room temperature.
Deformation during ECAE is achieved by simple shear in a thin layer at the crossing plane of the channels.
During the ECAE process a metal billet is pressed through a die consisting of two channels, equal in cross section and intersecting at an angle usually between 90[degrees] and 135[degrees].
The Emirate of Abu Dhabi established ECAE to be a world-class institution and regional leader in teacher preparation, educational research and school development.
Connecting the ECAE learning community is of vital importance to enable the sharing of knowledge and experience.
The uniqueness of the ECAE process, in addition to maintaining constant dimensions of the extrudate throughout the extrusion process, is that if multiple passes with systematically changing extrusion orientation routes are performed, it can generate many possible forms of molecular orientations (18, 22).
In this study we conducted a two-dimensional FEM simulation with incorporated nonlinear stress-strain ([sigma]-[epsilon] material characteristics to learn how the ECAE induced plastic deformation relates to the ECAE process.
ECAE is unique because significant cold work can be accomplished without reduction in the cross sectional area of the deformed work piece.
This paper attempts to offer an optimum solution to the most important problem regarding the equal channel angular extrusion technique, namely the die design for this process, applied to the ECAE of an AlMgSi alloy.