ECAFEEconomic Commission for Asia & the Far East
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A Holub, and E Van, Roy,(1972): "Industrialization Trends in the Developing ECAFE Countries" ESCAP Economic Bulletin for Asia and the Far East, Vol.
Paper presented to the Fourth Session of the ECAFE Conference of Asian Economic Planners, 22 November-1 December, Bangkok.
He was the head judge in various international coffee tasting events like the ECAFE Gold Competition in Ethiopia - 2005.
97) ECAFE conferences were useful in enabling politicians and high-level government officers to meet their counterparts in other UN member states and exchange ideas on development.
Following his retirement from academic life, in 1982, Les continued for many years--well into his 70s--to travel extensively as an economic consultant to a number of New Zealand and international organisations, including ECAFE (now ESCAP) and UNESCO, and especially the Asian Development Bank (ADB), for which he wrote annual surveys of developments in Asian economies.
Existing under the auspices of ECAFE, its members were Cambodia, Laos, South Vietnam (the Republic of Vietnam), and Thailand.
Economic Commission for Asia and the Far-East (1966) Tax Potential and Economic Growth in the Countries of the ECAFE Region.