ECAPEarly Childhood and Parenting
ECAPEqual Channel Angular Pressing (metal processing)
ECAPÉtablissement Cantonal d'Assurance et de Prévention (French: Cantonal Establishment of Insurance and Prevention; Switzerland)
ECAPEnvironmental Compliance and Protection (USDA)
ECAPEmergency Campaign for America's Priorities
ECAPEnergy Conservation Action Plan (USAID)
ECAPÉcole de Capoeira Angola de Paris (French: School of Capoeira Angola of Paris; Paris, France)
ECAPEmplois Exigeant des Conditions d'Aptitude Particulières (French: Jobs Requiring Special Conditions of Ability)
ECAPEconomic Capital
ECAPElectronic Circuit Analysis Program
ECAPErlangen Centre for Astroparticle Physics
ECAPEC-ASEAN Intellectual Property Rights Co-operation Programme
ECAPExpert Certified Administrative Professional (designation; Progressive Business Institute)
ECAPElectronic Customer Access Program
ECAPEmployee Capital Accumulation Plan
ECAPEnvironmental Compliance Achievement Program
ECAPÉcouter, Communiquer et Agir avec Son Potentiel (French: Listen, Communicate and Act with Its Potential)
ECAPEmployee Counselling and Assistance Program
ECAPExceptional Contribution Award Program
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OB), a manufacturer and distributor of homeopathic nasal sprays, announced on Thursday that it has entered into a Direct Marketing Agreement (DMA) with ECAP Capital LLC (ECAP).
ECAP process involves the extruding of the workpiece through a die consisting of two channel intersecting at a specify angle [phi] (see Fig.
Moreover, the Table 2 reveals an important feature of ECAP structures after different number of passes, namely that the relative amount of high angle boundaries remarkably increases after each pass, they represent only about 10% and less at N = 2 and exceeds 50% at N = 8 and 12.
OB), a US based manufacturer and distributor of homeopathic nasal sprays , announced on Monday that it has entered into a purchase order and inventory financing facility with ECAP Capital LLC (ECAP) for USD1.
The dimensions are imposed by the final dimensions of the work pieces after ECAP process which step down, Figure 2.
The principle of ECAP is presented schematically in the three-dimensional illustration in Figure 1 (Fukuda et al.
Federal Finance Minister Senator Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, Minister for Petroleum and Natual Resources Senator Dr Aasim Husain, Secretary Finance Abdul Wajid Rana, Member Internal Revenue Shahid Hussain, Governor State Bank of Pakistan Yasin Anwar and chairman ECAP Malik Muhammad Bostan were present during the meeting.
Earlier, ECAP brought following issues in the notice of the Interior Minister whereon decisions were taken on the spot: Net Open Position (NOP) of Foreign Exchange of Commercial Banks is not being used judiciously that is resulted in fall of value of Pakistani Rupee due to speculative and forward buying of foreign exchange by importers in consultation with their respective banks.
Further information on ECAP projects is available from ECAP, Children's Research Center, University of Illinois, 51 Getty Drive, Champaign, IL 61820-7469; phone: 877-275-3227 or 217-333-1386; E-mail: ecap@uiuc.
ECAP consists of a group of projects and programs in early childhood education within the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.