ECARExperimental Car
ECAREvery Child a Reader (UK)
ECAREast Central Area Reliability Coordination Agreement
ECAREconomy Car
ECAREuropean College of Animal Reproduction
ECAREligibility and Certification Approval Report (US Department of Education)
ECAREuropean Campaign for the Freedom of the Automotive Parts and Repair Market
ECAREnvironmental Compliance for Auto Recyclers
ECAREuropean Civil Affairs Regiment (US Army)
ECAREastern Caribbean
ECAREuropean Civil Aviation Requirement
ECARExtra Cost Approval Request
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An important measure of student satisfaction and expectations of the use of technology in the delivery of educational programs is the ECAR study of undergraduates (2015) which approaches the use of technology in learning environments within the framework of LMSs.
En el 2011 la encuesta ECAR, compuesta de 3,000 estudiantes en 1,179 universidades o colegios, indica que en total 33% de los estudiantes entienden que la tecnologia hace que la experiencia educativa sea mas creativa y la intrinseca relacion entre el uso de tecnologia en la clase y su preparacion para el mundo profesional despues de sus estudios.
ECAR is formed through the coming together of researchers, workers, professionals, militants and residents in a given territory and it is materialized through forums, meetings, workshops and field work that allows for the confronting and integration of perspectives in the analysis and proposition of solutions for socioenvironmental problems and health promotion in the territories.
The ECAR report (Dahlstrom, Walker, & Dzuiban, 2013, p.
No presente estudo, foram investigadas organizacoes centenarias, como as empresas ECAL e ECAR, sendo que a primeira ainda esta buscando a consolidacao do seu sistema de gestao ambiental e a segunda, apesar de estar certificada, adotou essa postura nos ultimos cinco anos.
To understand the need for digital media literacy, check out my last column about data visualization and the tools of the trade (Skiba, 2012) or visit the ECAR National Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, 2011--Infographic (www.
The 2010 ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology can provide confirmation.
The tuition formed part of the ECAR (Every Child A Reader) programme.
But the ECAR criticises any five-year transition period, during which time the car manufacturers could reduce competition to absolutely nothing, and therefore make the repair clause ineffective when it eventually comes into force.
Another study, which was published by ECAR in February, focused on IT leadership in higher education.
In 2000, the average seed yield across 13 locations in ECAR was 1913 kg [ha.
ECAR National Study of Undergraduates and Information Technology: 2011 Report (www.