ECASEscuela de Contadores Auditores de Santiago (Spanish: Auditors Accountants School of Santiago; Santiago, Chile)
ECASEpidemiological Catchment Area Study (psychiatric study)
ECASElectronically Controlled Air Suspension
ECASEnvironmental Compliance Assessment System
ECASEmergency Committee of Atomic Scientists (est. 1946)
ECASEberly College of Arts and Sciences (West Virginia University)
ECASEight Color Asteroid Survey
ECASExecutive Committee of the Academic Senate (various schools)
ECASEmergency Close Air Support
ECASEntreprise de Chauffage Automatique et Sanitaire (French: Automatic Heating and Sanitary Company)
ECASExpressions Culture et Art Scénique (French: Scenic Art and Culture Expressions)
ECASEast Coast Aviation Supply
ECASEuropean Center of Adaptive Systems
ECASEuro-Citizens' Action Service
ECASElectronic Commerce Authentication System (Verisign, Inc.)
ECASESSX Customer Administration Service
ECASEnhanced Cost Accounting System
ECASExternal Compliance and Assessment System
ECASElmira-Corning Astronomical Society
ECASEngine/System Crew Alerting System
ECASEddie Cantor Appreciation Society
ECASExpertise Conseil Audit Stratégie (French: Audit Strategy Expertise Council)
ECASElectronic Customs Automation System (Bahrain)
ECASEisenhower Center for American Studies (University of New Orleans)
ECASEast Coast All Stars (band)
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Where the EU-15 have provided information and many have provided none at all yet it is often patchy and confusing, ECAS says, accusing the Netherlands of being downright misleading, and the UK of acting "on the borderline of European law".
In addition to its calls for new deadlines for action, ECAS also wants the EU to update the surveys of opinion about intra-EU migration, and to set up studies of actual migration patterns.
Member States also need reminding that their transitional arrangements may be imposed only on labour market access, says ECAS.
Key features and benefits of the new Meritor WABCO ECAS include:
A faster coupling/uncoupling process with ECAS due to faster inflating/deflating of air bellows when compared to mechanical leveling valves