ECASEscuela de Contadores Auditores de Santiago (Spanish: Auditors Accountants School of Santiago; Santiago, Chile)
ECASEpidemiological Catchment Area Study (psychiatric study)
ECASElectronically Controlled Air Suspension
ECASEnvironmental Compliance Assessment System
ECASEmergency Committee of Atomic Scientists (est. 1946)
ECASEberly College of Arts and Sciences (West Virginia University)
ECASEight Color Asteroid Survey
ECASExecutive Committee of the Academic Senate (various schools)
ECASEmergency Close Air Support
ECASEntreprise de Chauffage Automatique et Sanitaire (French: Automatic Heating and Sanitary Company)
ECASExpressions Culture et Art Scénique (French: Scenic Art and Culture Expressions)
ECASEast Coast Aviation Supply
ECASEuropean Center of Adaptive Systems
ECASEuro-Citizens' Action Service
ECASElectronic Commerce Authentication System (Verisign, Inc.)
ECASESSX Customer Administration Service
ECASEnhanced Cost Accounting System
ECASExternal Compliance and Assessment System
ECASElmira-Corning Astronomical Society
ECASEngine/System Crew Alerting System
ECASEddie Cantor Appreciation Society
ECASExpertise Conseil Audit Stratégie (French: Audit Strategy Expertise Council)
ECASElectronic Customs Automation System (Bahrain)
ECASEisenhower Center for American Studies (University of New Orleans)
ECASEast Coast All Stars (band)
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China's ECAs limit the sulphur content of fuel ships can burn while operating in the ECAs to 0.5 percent.
As international banks are even more than before stepping in to support the GCC economies and their ongoing investment programmes, borrowers should take a serious look at the competitive cost of financing through ECAs versus other sources of funding.
Macquarie Specialised Investment Solutions (MSIS) has created a new London-based business to arrange export credit agency (ECA) financing for new ship builds.
The European Citizen Action Service (ECAS), an international non-profit organization based in Brussels, conducted the study in the period 2007-2013.
"ECAs are trained in basic first aid and are allowed to do basic life support (CPR).
The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has officially designated waters off of the coast of North America, known as the North American Emission Control Area (North American ECA), as areas where stringent international pollution standards apply for ships, including fuel sulfur limits.
But just weeks into their employment, drivers were left in the dark after ECAS ceased contact.
But just weeks into their employment, eight drivers were left in the dark after ECAS ceased contact.
ECAs have offered a debt financing of USD530m to the company to acquire seven new Airbus A330 aircraft.
'This highlights and underpins the strength of the Al Jaber Group, its creditworthiness and the confidence placed in us by our bank and the ECAs,' he added.
"ECAs were introduced in the 2001 Finance Act and further additions to the regime were made in 2003," he said.