ECBCSEnergy Conservation in Buildings and Community Systems (Programme)
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The ECBCS consists of five monthly surveys: Industry, Construction, Consumers, Retail Trade, and the Service sector.
The ECBCS also reports an aggregate CCI for the EU on the basis of the surveyed results received from each of the 15 member countries.
Figure 4 shows the results of analysis of typical bottlenecks conducted by members of the IEA ECBCS Annex 51 based on their practical experiences and case studies using the "logical framework approach" (Europeaid 2004).
Towards Net Zero Energy Solar Buildings, IEA SHC Task 40 and ECBCS Annex 52, http://www.
Riley (2009) " IEA Joint Project: Towards Net Zero Energy Solar Buildings (NZEBs) ", IEA SHC Task 40 - ECBCS Annex 52
IEA ECBCS Annex 36: Retrofitting in Educational Buildings--Energy Concept Adviser for Technical Retrofit Measures.
NZEBs are attracting considerable interest in research and practice, with major activities such as the International Energy Agency--Solar Heating and Cooling (IEA-SHC) Task 40/ ECBCS Annex 52 (IEA-SHC Task 40-ECBCS Annex 52 2010).
According to the IEA ECBCS Strategic Plan for 2007-2012 (IEA - ECBCS, 2008), worldwide energy consumed by the built environment varies from 50-70% of the world's total energy consumption.