ECBHEast Carolina Behavioral Health (New Bern, NC)
ECBHEast Central Behavioral Health (South Dakota)
ECBHEuropean Consulting Business Horse (France)
ECBHElectronically Challenged Blues Hop (band)
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EQUAL PARTS luxury hunting estate, natural history museum, and gourmet restaurant, Sable Lodge is the crown jewel of Eastern Cape Bowhunting (ECBH)--a perfectly appointed, exquisitely decorated masterpiece.
With roughly 15,000 acres of prime bowhunting real estate, ECBH has more than 30 species on the docket, including Cape buffalo, sable, and big Cape kudu.
The Erlanger Center For Better Health (ECBH) represents a philosophy of disease management that combines the rigors of evidenced-based medicine with a patientcentered focus, integrating the patient's physical, emotional, and spiritual needs and desires.