ECBIEuropean Capacity Building Initiative (climate change)
ECBIEyberg Child Behavior Inventory
ECBIElectro-Technic Chargeurs Batteries Industriels (French: Electro-Technic Industrial Battery Chargers)
ECBIEastern Colorado Builders Inc.
ECBIErie Christian Bible Institute (Fairview; PA)
ECBIEntreprise de Construction Bâtiment Industriel (French: Industrial Building Construction Company; Algeria)
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At pre-treatment the number of participants with scores in the clinical range, ranged between 40 (83%) on the EBCI Intensity Scale, 41 (85%) on the ECBI Problem Scale and the largest proportion was on the Social Competence scale with 46 (95%) participants.
The sources and coders' ECBIs in the LNC-aided schemes are far greater than those in none-LNC schemes, which results in relative high ECBs.
Descriptive analyses and bivariate correlations were first computed to explore relationships among DFBC, ECBI, and PIP scores, as well as demographic variables.
The ECBI problem score measures whether the behaviour problems are seen as a problem to the participant and the clinical cut-off is 11.
ECBI will use the funding over the next year to blitz backgreens by installing tool sheds, bike sheds and raised beds to grow fruit and veg.
The PSI-SF was administered at the same five points as the ECBI.
Participants first completed the demographics form, ECBI, the PSI, the PDP, and the familism scale.
The ECBI was constructed to determine the severity of conduct-problem behaviors in adolescents and children between the ages of 2 and 16 years of age, and the SESBI was developed to determine the severity of conduct-problem behaviors in the classroom of children between the ages of 2 and 17 years of age.
Children referred to PCIT display approximately 23 separate behavior problems as measured by the ECBI (e.
Se esta elaborando un documento sobre ECBI en secundaria que sera publicado luego del taller, de caracter mundial que se realizara en York, a fines de octubre de 2010.
The mean ECBI intensity of behaviours score reduced from 156.