ECBMElectronic Brake Control Module (vehicle software)
ECBMEnhanced Coal-Bed Methane
ECBMEntente Cycliste des Boucles de la Marne (French cycling club)
ECBMEuropean College of Business and Management (London, England, UK)
ECBMÉtudes Constructions Bonnetain Maringue (French construction company)
ECBMExtended Classical Over-Barrier Model
ECBMEndothelial Cell Basal Medium
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Results of the mathematics CBM graphs of the students for the first and second semesters were generated with the ECBM system (Figures 4-7).
The ECBM for modeling crosstalk requires a five-step procedure detailed in [4], and a brief procedure is summarized as follows:
inductance and capacitance parameter matrices of the reduced cable bundle according to the equivalence procedure of the ECBM.
reduced]] of the reduced cable bundle in any uniform structures with arbitrary cross section can be calculated through the original ECBM [3], in which the reduced inductance equals the average of all inductances and the reduced capacitance equals the sum of all capacitances of all cables belong to the same group.
The Sixth and Seventh procedures are same as Step IV and Step V in the ECBM [4] respectively and are omitted here for the sake of brevity.
According to the calculation procedure of the original ECBM [3], the p.
parameters of the cable bundle to make the ECBM fit for this new environment.
Other comparison results which show excellent agreements and not reported here fully demonstrate that the analytical expressions which is based on the wide separation assumption can be accepted and introduced in the ECBM to define the electrical and geometrical characteristics of the reduced cable bundle model in the vicinity of a 60 degree corner.
Suffering from the limitation of frequency independent termination loads, the original ECBM can only be applied in a wide band excitation signal with frequency independent loads case or a single frequency signal with frequency dependent loads case.
In this section, a generalized ECBM is presented to consider arbitrary termination loads, including resistance R, inductance L, capacitance C and their arbitrary hybrid connections at near and far ends of cables shown in Fig.
Total exports of the ECBM soared 58 percent in the first quarter of 2017 to register $1.
The ECBM attributed part of this increase to the 53 percent hike witnessed in the volume of jewelry and precious stones' exports, recording $916 million by the end of April, compared to $598 million within the same period in 2016.