ECBTEvery Child by Two (nonprofit immunization organization)
ECBTEspérance Chartres de Bretagne Triathlon (French race)
ECBTÉtude Construction Bâtiment Travaux (French: Building Construction Work Study)
ECBTEau Chaude Basse Température (French: Low Temperature Hot Water)
ECBTExecutive Committee and Board of Trustees (American Mathematical Society)
ECBTExtra Corporeal Blood Treatment
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The ECBT postulates four phases in the process of interpreting proverbs: the problem recognition phase, the literal transformation phase, the figurative phase, and the instantiation phase.
Thus, the ECBT is strictly set within the problem-solving framework.
Contrary to what ECBT claims about the mechanisms underlying proverb comprehension, Gibbs, Johnson and Colston (1996) forcefully argue against viewing proverb understanding as analogical problem solving.
The ECBT and the CMH represent two widely differing accounts of proverb comprehension.
Turning now to the ECBT, its major weakness seems to be the vagueness of the postulated conceptual base, which participates in the creation of analogical relationship between the proverbial statement and its context in the course of proverb comprehension.
Finally, the fourth research question asked if it would be possible to account for bilingual subjects' performance within the framework of the ECBT.