ECCAIRSEuropean Co-Ordination Centre for Aviation Incident Reporting Systems
ECCAIRSEuropean Coordination Centre for Accident and Incident Reporting Systems (EU)
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ECCAIRS was developed by the European Commission Joint Research Centre for the collection and analysis of safety data as well as for the sharing of information.
The ECCAIRS Reporting System is a software suite composed of different applications, with advanced features designed to assist national and European transport bodies in the collection, sharing and analysis of their security information to improve the security of public transport.
Under the Directive, a network of national occurrence reporting systems will be set up based on the ECCAIRS system (European Centre for the Co-ordination of Aviation Incident Reporting Systems) to allow the exchange of information between Member States.MEPs welcomed the proposal, but adopted several essentially technical amendments under the co-decision procedure in first reading.
Contract notice: Provision of Eccairs 2.0 occurrence reporting platform
ERAIL is implemented by the JRC on top of the transport mode independent ECCAIRS Common Framework.