ECCBREuropean Conference on Case Based Reasoning
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The offer was accepted by the ECCBR 2010 organizers and they considered it approved by the ECCBR community, as the two conferences shared a majority of Program Committee members.
In recent years, Gervas has taken part in the organization of several scientific meetings on topics related to creativity: AISB '03 Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Creativity in Arts and Science; Workshop on Language Resources for Linguistic Creativity, LREC 2004; Computational Creativity Workshop, ECCBR 2004; Computational Creativity Workshop, IJCAI 2005; and Fourth International Joint Workshop on Computational Creativity, IJWCC 2008.
Papers presented at the Workshop on Mixed-Initiative Case-based Reasoning, held during the Sixth European Conference on Case-Based Reasoning, ECCBR, Aberdeen, Scotland, 4 September.