ECCDEEarly Childhood Care and Development
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2011 The challenges facing early childhood care, development and education (ECCDE) in an era of universal basic education in Nigeria, Early Chidhood Education Journal, Vol, 39 (2), p 161-167.
Bobboyi said that state governments had been mandated to set aside five per cent of 2016 TPD funds for capacity building of Early Child Care Development Education (ECCDE) teachers and caregivers.
A Ministerial Strategic Plan (2016-2019) entitled 'Education for Change' being developed by the Federal Ministry of Education for the education sector also establishes that the pre-primary education is an important development that characterises Early Child Care and Development Education (ECCDE), which has now been segmented into ECCDE (age 0-5) and one year pre-primary education (age 5-6).