ECCESEnvironmental Calculations of Consequences from Energy Systems (computer simulation model)
ECCESEngineered Closed/Controlled Eco-Systems
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Lack of mid-day meal facility in the ECCE centre has resulted in poor attendance;
It may be due to the emplification of enrolment by the ECCE instructor to get their remuneration by showing higher enrolment of children over and above the number assigned to them.
Mainstreaming of Children from ECCE to Formal Schools
The Table-.5 reveals that out of total children in the ECCE in 2007-08, only 37.86 percent have been mainstreamed to the formal schools.
The profile of ECCE volunteer is given in Table-V.6 which reveals that 100 percent of them are female and fifty percent each in the age-group less than thirty and between 31-50 year.
The education level of ECCE volunteers as depicted in Table-.7 reveals that 90 percent of them are 10+2 educated and 10 percent graduates.
The children of ECCE centres are sitting on the ground and in fifty percent of ECCE centres there is provision of Daris.
The students enrolled in ECCE are 26 percent more than the target fixed in different district.
The gender party index of 1.16 and social equity index of 2.05 explain that more number of girl children as well as children belonging to SC community have enrolled in ECCE under ages of SSA.
The mainstreaming of children from ECCE to primary education is poor.
The teacher imparting education in ECCE is mostly female.