ECCGÉcole de Commerce et de Culture Générale (French: School of Commerce and General Knowledge; Switzerland)
ECCGEuropean Conference on Crystal Growth
ECCGEuropean Centre for Corporate Governance (UK)
ECCGEuropean Centre for Common Ground (Brussels, Belgium)
ECCGEarly Childhood Construction Grant (Illinois)
ECCGEnhanced Computer Control Group (Raytheon)
ECCGEast Cork Camera Group (Ireland)
ECCGExecutive Client Coverage Group
ECCGEccentric Conductor with Complete Ground
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Table 1 provides a summary of the overviewed research articles in terms of the following attributes: (a) column 1: Articles' reference; (b) column 2: Educational Level of ECCG (Pr = Primary, M = Middle, T = Tertiary, P = Public); (c) column 3: ECCG's subject related to CS; (d) column 4: ECCG's Purpose, Game-Play (G-P) or Game-Construction (G-C); (e) column 5: ECCG's Pedagogical framework (C = Constructivism, B = Behabiourism, R = Reflection, AL = Active Learning, LE = Learning-by-Example, LD = Learning-by-doing, PL = Problem-based Learning , CL = Collaboration, EL = Experiential Learning, S = Scaffolding, and (f) column 6: whether or not an evaluation study was conducted.
The ECCGs under review were suggested for use at various educational levels and for public use, namely: Tertiary (19 articles), middle (1 article), primary level (2 articles), and general users (1 article) while one article reported an ECCG for both primary and tertiary level (see Table 1).
Operating Systems: A web-based ECCG that simulates the operating system processes was designed (Chang, & Sung, 2008).
Modern social and constructivist theories of learning were explicitly mentioned in the design of just one ECCG (Kordaki, 2011) while in other papers, some terms usually used in these approaches were mentioned (see Table 1, column 5).
As far as educational computer card games (ECCGs) are concerned, in several cases further perspectives on learning and e-learning have emerged through the adoption of new modalities of interaction during CG play.
Thus, the said ECCGs were categorized according to ECCGs':
Inhibition of tumour invasion and angiogenesis by epigallocatechin gallate (ECCG), a major component of green tea.
A sub-group of the existing European Consumer Consultative Group (ECCG), the Financial Services Consumer Group aims to stimulate the exchange of information between national and European consumer representatives and the Commission, to provide information to consumers in all member states, to build financial services expertise in the consumer movement and to obtain additional consumer-focused input on financial services policy.
In a speech to the European Consumers Consultative Group (ECCG), a forum of consumer organisations from across the Union, Mr Telicka said the "conflictual relationships" that exist between different associations "detract from the real benefit that they can deliver for European consumers".