ECCIExecutive Committee of the Communist International (governing body of the Communist International 1919-1943)
ECCIEuropean Conference on Creativity and Innovation (Europe)
ECCIEuropean Car Company Impex (Belgium)
ECCIÉtudes Conceptions Constructions Industrielles (French: Industrial Construction Design Study)
ECCIEngineering Compliance & Construction Inc (Little Rock, AR)
ECCIExtreme Competition Controls Inc
ECCIEducation Communications Consortia Inc.
ECCIEnglish China Clay International
ECCIEastern Canada Cat Institute
ECCIEnvironnement de Conception Cognitive en Informatique (French: Environmental Design in Cognitive Computing)
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In the same way, a graph is done where a comparison of the data of average velocity recorded by the meteorological station of Universidad ECCI and the average speed is estimated from the power law, as it may be observed in Figure 2.
The minutes report Kilbom pronouncing that 'Comrade Hoglund has [...] revived the party infighting [...] a fight whose end result could hardly be otherwise than a break with the Communist International.' (69) In the meantime, a month of vicious mudslinging on the pages of Folkets Dagblad Politiken went by, with Hoglund--quick to attack both the Comintern and the internal opposition--on the one side and representatives of the ECCI on the other.
He then joined the Section of Propaganda and Agitation of the ECCI, and was in its Eastern Secretariat from 1923 to 1926, before being sent to China in 1926-27, where he served as secretary of the Far Eastern Bureau in Shanghai.
(3) Environmental Engineering Program, Vice-Rectory for Research, Universidad ECCI, Bogota, Colombia
But she acknowledges: "We are going through a period of unprecedented turbulence and the economic situation may be challenging for the next couple of years "Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI) in Edinburgh's Old Town is the UK's most sustainably designed historic building and describes itself as the 'go to' place for sustainability focused events and meetings in Scotland.
(3) The poet Niccola Muscia referred to Cavalcanti's failed pilgrimage to Compostela in the sonnet "Ecci venuto Guido ['n] Campastello." Muscia's sonnet seems to relate the abortive pilgrimage to the internecine strife in Florence.
A Equipe de Cuidados Continuados Integrados (ECCI, 2007) estimou, para Portugal, cerca de 600.000 idosos que, face a um conjunto de dificuldades, tornam-se dependentes funcionalmente, sobressaindo a deterioracao progressiva e a perda de capacidade motora, levando frequentemente ao recurso institucional.
We use the People 's Daily Online list because a letter from Dutch Comintern Executive Committee (ECCI) member Henk Sneevliet, writing under the pseudonym Maring to the ECCI, Profintem, and the Vladivostock Bureau (dated 25 June 1923 and available in the Sneevliet Archives) confirms its list of members and alternates (Saich 1996, 94n24).
The "Ecci", as it was fondly known, was the home of the local darts, dominoes and pigeon clubs for the community of the area.