ECCJEuropean Coalition for Corporate Justice (est. 2005; Brussels, Belgium)
ECCJEnergy Conservation Center Japan
ECCJEuropean Cigar Cult Journal (Austria)
ECCJEdgar Cayce Center in Japan (Tokyo, Japan)
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The five awards are: 1) Minister Prize of Economic, Trade and Industry, 2) Director-General Prize of Agency of Natural Resources and Energy, 3) Director-General s Prize of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, 4) Chairman Prize of ECCJ and 5) Reviewer s Prize.
arguing that the explicit conferral on the ECCJ of jurisdiction over
rights activists have decisively shaped how the ECCJ has
that sub-regional courts such as the ECCJ and the EACJ have become more
ECCJ (The Energy Conservation Center, Japan), Energy Specific Unit Management tool
There are currently shipping delays, but we will be able to fully supply our distributors in 2009," Garcia told ECCJ, though he added that some 800 to 1,000 tons of filler and binder tobacco were ruined by the hurricanes.
The ECCJ's success is in large part attributable to the efforts of ECOWAS officials, civil society representatives, and ECCJ judges, who joined forces to call for an expansion of the court's jurisdiction, standing rules, and remedial authority.
Nevertheless, for the ECCJ, the "impetus for change came from a coalition of civil society groups, .
Like the IACtHR, the ECCJ lacks the power necessary to compel compliance with its rulings and requests, and thus, as with the IACtHR, the ECCJ has compelled compliance through persuasion and acculturation.
By working with local and regional advocacy groups, the ECCJ created the "opportunities for collective deliberation and dialogue" that serve to "enmesh" the state parties in a "regularized communicative process[].
There currently exists no binding mechanism at the international level ensuring that companies are held accountable for any human rights violations they commit or in which they are complicit," regrets Ruth Casals, ECCJ coordinator.
The ECCJ campaign, baptised Rights for people, rules for business', is based on three demands: 1.