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ECCLEuropean Coalition for Community Living (Spain)
ECCLEarly Childhood Cognition Lab (various schools)
ECCLElectron Controlled Chemical Lithography
ECCLExcel Crop Care Limited (pest management and crop management products; India)
ECCLEthnic Communities Council of Logan (Australia; est. 1992)
ECCLEquipment and Component Configuration Listing
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Although she won the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize, Liberians were disappointed that she did not abide by the TRC's recommendations to come up with the necessary legislation to set up the ECCL. Instead, the few cases that have involved those accused of war crimes have been heard in Europe and the US.
pRIFLE criteria was applied to all cases of tetanus to categorize them as having AKI or not, on the basis of Estimated Creatinine Clearance (ECCL).
Inhalation of tobramycin was positively correlated to renal function estimated with the Cockcroft-Gault eCCL (r = 0.36, p < 0.01) and again an exclusive association with the tubular reabsorption of ornithine (r = 0.3, p = 0.03).
From there, after a trip to his home country of Ceylon, Theophilus visited the Ethiopians (Eccl. Hist.
dispensavit suos medicos a servando secreto professionali, qui tamen medici audiri non potuerunt, nec Cancellaria Tribunalis Eccl. Reg.
Mea Eccl th t e ri r s wm en war fi fi figures 'maximum ur Meanwhile, Bernie Ecclestone said the sport is risking its future with the costly modern hybrid engine and warned leading figures to act with 'maximum urgency'.
"She is really pretty and with the whitest skin; before you get her, however, you've got to sleep with me." (Eccl. 690-701)
Should this be the case, the plans for the ECCL will be put at risk, while the government will also have to consider how it will pay off 4.5 billion euros worth of bonds that mature in March.
The official gave no details of what new aid might look like, but policymakers have said that the most likely tool is an Enhanced Conditions Credit Line, or ECCL, from the European Stability Mechanism.
ECCL.L.C is a distinguished company that is known for its high quality work and precision in delivery, and we look forward to partnering with them to realize this exciting project," said Mohammad Al Habbai, spokesperson for DP.