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ECCLEuropean Coalition for Community Living (Spain)
ECCLEarly Childhood Cognition Lab (various schools)
ECCLElectron Controlled Chemical Lithography
ECCLExcel Crop Care Limited (pest management and crop management products; India)
ECCLEthnic Communities Council of Logan (Australia; est. 1992)
ECCLEquipment and Component Configuration Listing
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Proteus syndrome is an overgrowth syndrome in which every feature of ECCL can be found; it is bilateral, asymmetric, and involves the head, trunk, and limbs.
The ECCL would begin with back issues of all small, conservative journals, starting with materials in danger of falling into permanent desuetude.
More and more Internet sites offer audio and visual material such as speeches and TV clips, and the ECCL would be no exception.
Some materials would be unavailable through the ECCL either because of copyright protection or prohibitive cost.
To foster the exchange of ideas and research among conservatives, the ECCL would connect users to a host of on-line offerings, such as other Web sites, chat groups, listservs, bulletin boards, grass-roots activist groups, and more.
With one click of the mouse, the ECCL would connect scholars and researchers to well-known research institutes, newspaper columnists, and other conservative sources of information.
Perhaps the greatest feature of the ECCL would be its capacity to search all its holdings for precise information through easy-to-use indexes, bibliographies, and search engines.