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ECCMElectronic Counter Countermeasures
ECCMElectronic Counter-Countermeasures
ECCMEducation Credit Control Management (South Africa)
ECCMEastern Caribbean Common Market (Antigua and Barbuda)
ECCMÉcole de Course Croisière Méditerranée (French: Mediterranean School of Sailing Race)
ECCMEssential Care and Condition Monitoring (preventive maintenance programs)
ECCMEmergency and Critical Care Medicine
ECCMElectromagnetic Counter-Countermeasures (less common)
ECCMEastern Carolina Case Management
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The relation that can be substituted into ECCM equation for determining ILSS in space is as follows:
Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and jamming-to-signal ratio (JSR) will affect the validity of the proposed ECCM method.
Something worth mentioning here is that the billets produced from the very first batch through our ECCM have been successfully rolled into 8mm TMT bars as well!!
They probably did not want to waste a missile before they developed electronic counter-countermeasures (ECCM) against System 13.
The radar's electronic-counter-countermeasures (ECCM) capabilities include low antenna sidelobes both in azimuth and elevation, automatic least-jammed-frequency operation, and selectable transmit patterns, including a burn-through patternadapting coverage to missiondependent requirements for range and height.
The AN/PRC-148 can also generate the HAVE QUICK--I and HAVE QUICK--II ECCM waveforms used extensively by the U.
While the primary applications are for the defense community in EW, ECM, ECCM, jammers, towed decoys and tri-band military satellite communications applications, commercial applications in research institutes for laboratory test systems and commercial test equipment markets can also be considered.
This includes a full MANET (Mobile Ad Hoc Networking) capability with multiple hops, an ECCM (Electronic Counter-Counter Measure) broadband waveform and several other improvements.
The study of the instability zones, European Conference on Computational Mechanics ECCM '99, Aug.
A Green Flag exercise uses basically the same scenario, but much more emphasis is placed on the use of the electromagnetic spectrum--particularly electronic countermeasures (ECM) and electronic counter-countermeasures (ECCM).
Most importantly, the new radar had additional ECCM capabilities and was integrated with the modernized R-40RD/R-40TD (AA-6 Acrid) air-to-air missiles.