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ECCMElectronic Counter Countermeasures
ECCMElectronic Counter-Countermeasures
ECCMEducation Credit Control Management (South Africa)
ECCMEastern Caribbean Common Market (Antigua and Barbuda)
ECCMÉcole de Course Croisière Méditerranée (French: Mediterranean School of Sailing Race)
ECCMEssential Care and Condition Monitoring (preventive maintenance programs)
ECCMEmergency and Critical Care Medicine
ECCMElectromagnetic Counter-Countermeasures (less common)
ECCMEastern Carolina Case Management
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The new Harris waveforms, known as Quicklook 3 and Quicklook-Wide, are part of an expanded line of ECCM for protecting tactical communications from jammers or unfavorable atmospheric conditions.
This single 31 ounce device virtually obsoletes whole families of current bulky (by comparison), frequency band limited, COMSEC or ECCM restricted, radio equipment.
ECCM protection is also standard, as is an embedded GPS receiver.
The main difference was the introduction of a more powerful digital processor that slightly improved the range (to 90 km) and provided more advanced ECCM capabilities.
It offers [much greater than]enhanced ECCM functionality[much less than] and [much greater than]expanded operational capabilities against aerial targets in high-clutter naval and land environments and against surface targets[much less than].
ECCM are usually embodied in the design of the equipment.
We have installed the Speech Enabled Auto Attendant on our own system to introduce this to our valued clientele, said Stephen Rothwell, CEO of ECCM.
The system is actually a Raytheon software-definable radio that features Have Quick I/II, fixed-frequency and frequency-hopping Sincgars, Melp and enhanced Melp vocoders, Jstars interoperable waveforms, GPS 1 PPS and 800 kHz clock inputs, Dama-181B, -182A, -183 and -183A, Satcom and line-of-sight transmission and modulates via AM, FM/FSK, SBPSK, DEQPSK, CPM, ECCM and SOQPSK (to name a few features).
Therefore, supplementary bistatic operation was an established ECCM technique even before the term radar had been coined.
The MBITR provides users with ground-to-ground, ground-to-air and over-the-horizon capability with Type 1 encryption and standard military ECCM modes.
The F@stnet operates securely using three different ECCM protocols that guard against FH (Frequency Hopping) narrowband jammers or FCS (Free Channel Search) broadband jammers, and it has a combined automatic mode that covers both FH and FCS.
Overall goals include reduction of signal intelligence (SIGINT) analysis times from weeks to minutes; 100-million-fold increase in storage/memory; 100-fold increase in ECCM effectiveness; enhanced control of wideband/multifrequency/multibeam arrays; 1000-fold increase in communication network capacity and 100-fold increase in connectivity; and the development of integratable devices, producible photonic materials and affordable fabrication processes.