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ECCMElectronic Counter-Countermeasures
ECCMEastern Caribbean Common Market (Antigua and Barbuda)
ECCMEssential Care and Condition Monitoring (preventive maintenance programs)
ECCMEmergency and Critical Care Medicine
ECCMElectromagnetic Counter-Countermeasures (less common)
ECCMEastern Carolina Case Management
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Encryption: ECCM against narrow- and broadband jammers
The AN/PRC-148 has the combination of frequency coverage, power, antenna, size, waveforms, ECCM and COMSEC that makes it not only the BEST choice but also the only choice until JTRS is ready.
We are extremely pleased to work with ECCM for the introduction of the first commercial product incorporating our new CBT 200 resin," said Jim Mihalich, Director of Sales for North America for Cyclics Corporation, "Eccolite Ultra is a great example of the multiple benefits that our resins bring to a broad range of applications.
This system also covers the entire 30 to 512 MHz frequency range, offering 50 watts PEP transmit power, embedded COMSEC, SATCOM, and ECCM capabilities.
The Harris Falcon II VHF handheld radio provides full data capability in fixed-frequency and ECCM modes with automatic detection of incoming digital voice or data.
This multiband, multimission manpack radio uses advanced Harris software-defined radio (SDR) technology to provide battle-proven embedded COMSEC, SATCOM, and ECCM capabilities.
The latest addition to the family is the PRC-710MB, which takes the ECCM capabilities of the standard model and extends the frequency range to between 30 and 512 MHz.
Harris Quicklook 1A ECCM frequency hopping can be used for detection and jam avoidance.
Harris delivered the TALON ECCM capability to international programs in 2005 and offers TALON as an option for the RF-5800M and RF-5800U manpack radio models.
This 30 to 88 Mhz-band VHF radio has output power selectable up to ten Watts and a 64 Kbps ECCM waveform.
The AN/PRC-138 incorporates the latest ECCM, Automatic Link Establishment (ALE), data, digital voice, and encryption technology.