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ECCNExport Control Classification Number
ECCNExport Commodity Control Number
ECCNExport Control Commodity Number
ECCNEuropean Conference on Clinical Neuroimaging
ECCNExport Commodity Classification Number
ECCNExamen de Connaissances sur le Cadre de Nomination (French: Knowledge Test Appointment Framework; Canada)
ECCNEcumenical Child Care Network (est. 1984)
ECCNEuropean Competence in Care and Nursing (training organization; various locations)
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Although the employment of the ECCN markedly enhanced the level of en route care, a larger issue remained.
Once the ECCN has been identified, an exporter can determine the reasons for control of the item and which transactions may require an export license based on the country of destination.
government determines warrant control due to a significant military or intelligence advantage it would confer or due to foreign policy reasons, but are not identified under an existing ECCN, nor are controlled under an existing U.
Once a licensee is able to confirm whether or not the relevant software is 'subject to the EAR' and (if so) the relevant ECCN or applicability of EAR99, the licensee would need to consider the applicability of the General Prohibitions and (possibly) the need to seek a licence for the proposed activity.
Additionally, ECCN 1C353 controls genetically modified organisms.
By identifying the ECCN for a proposed export, and cross-referencing that number to the country chart to which the item is to be exported, the exporter will be able to discern whether or not a license is needed (15 C.
ECCN spokes- woman Tina Leonard said: "Given that the low-cost airlines in Ireland and the UK easily carry the majority of passengers per year, these statistics are to be expected.
development, production, or use for items on the ECCN, it is classified
ECCNs are based on 10 broad categories of exports, which are:
Expansion of License Exception CIV Eligibility for "Microprocessors" Controlled by ECCN 3A001 and Graphics Accelerators Controlled by ECCN 4A003, 65 Fed.
1893 1944 System-RT2 1998 2110 Listen-to-customer2 3043 2719 TABLE 4 Rank Ordering of Differences in Durations between Pairs of Activities NULL LTB EC RS TC SRT1 LTC1 GC SRT2 ECCN LTC2 NULL 4 9 10 11 21 25.
For example, applicable aircraft will have a 9A610 ECCN.