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The ECCOH LSFOH solution from PolyOne, developed to serve as a sheathing material in such constructions, has a very good stress crack resistance.
As one of the oldest infrastructures in Europe, "the Tube" has been refurbished with ECCOH FR cable materials that won't produce the smoke and toxic gases that would quickly overwhelm people in confined spaces during a fire.
Another new use for the ECCOH compounds includes the market for solar photovoltaic cell installations, which is expanding worldwide at about 30% per year, Chuzeville reports.
* ECCOH PF 2037 and PF 4142 are for mini-ducts through which fiber is routed.
* ECCOH PF 1045 is a flexible grade for mini-duct outer sheathing.
* ECCOH PF 4130 is an injection moldable compound for junction boxes.
ECCOH 5555 offers excellent processing properties--line speeds similar to those for PVC can be used; very good stress-crack-resistance properties; and compliance with DIN/VDE 0207 HM4 and BS 6724.
ECCOH 5924 also offers BS 6724 compliance along with good processing and stress-crack properties.
Another range of ECCOH compounds are formulated to meet the requirements of automotive T3 cable applications.
The company's ECCOH (Enviro-Care zero-halogen) compounds remain an option for jacketing applications that must meet these requirements.