ECCOSElectronic Card Catalog and Ordering System
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"Ecco!" said the guide, and pushing Danglars into the cell, he closed the door upon him.
"Ecco la," said the young girl with the black eyes, languidly.
"Ecco, signore!" cried the fellow, snatching the watch from my waistcoat pocket, and putting one black thumb-nail on the long hand, the other on he numeral twelve.
But when I read a recent story about a 43-year-old woman who owns 1,200 pairs of shoes, I went to my closet and hugged my fading brown Ecco loafers.
The AN will make them well equipped to reach out to individual local ECCOs. This results in 500 additional ECCOs in 10 years post project, bringing the GHG reduction total up to 150.000 tns/yr.