ECCREcumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility (UK)
ECCREuropean Consortium for Communications Research
ECCREuropean Council for Cardiovascular Research (UK)
ECCRExtended Communication Control Register (computer programming)
ECCRÉtude Conception Construction Réhabilitation (French: Study Design Construction Rehabilitation)
ECCRÉtude-Conseil-Coordination-Réalisation (French: Study-Design-Coordinating Council)
ECCRÉcole de Conduite la Citadelle du Rocher (French driving school)
ECCRÉtudes Conseil Construction Réunion (French: Construction Studies Council Meeting)
ECCRElectronic Closed Circuit Rebreather
ECCREasement with Covenants Conditions & Restrictions
ECCREthnic Conflict and Conflict Resolution
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nThe "Redeeming the market" ECCR event is free at 4.
Henry Rousenbergh, John Matthews, James Eastwood (May 1821), ECCR, Drawer S-1.
The ECCR attributes this violence to more widespread social violence, including that found in popular movies and television shows, and domestic violence.
This piece includes] clear incitement to mass execution of a sector of society that deserves care and protection," the ECCR statement read, in reference to street children.
Both NCCM and ECCR decried incidents of child exploitation during January's constitutional referendum.
The ECCR called on the Ministry of Education "to assume its responsibility to protect children inside educational institutions.
The ECCR reminded that its lawyers have earlier called for holding accountable the parents of the two convicted minors, accusing them of negligence toward their sons' upbringing.
In Beni Suef, clashes left one person dead and left an 11-year-old girl injured in the eye by birdshot, ECCR said.
ECCR said it "fully condemns using children for political purposes by any political faction," after reports surfaced that children belonging to an orphanage were rallied to attend a conference urging defence minister Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi to run for president.
ECCR call for fair trial for minors accused of killing child
Zeina's mother, Shaim Arafa, commented on the ECCR statement, saying that the accused "should not be treated as children," adding that "rights groups should call for the rights of the child whose innocence was violated and [who was] murdered in cold blood.
ECCR said it "emphasised the need to take the Children's Act into account," as a way to ensure that children were dealt with justly and "deal with them as victims" in an effort to reform detained children and reintegrate them into their communities.