ECCTAEastern Contra Costa Transit Authority (public transportation operator; California)
ECCTAÉtude Contrôle Coordination Travaux Aquitaine (French: Study Coordination Control Works Aquitaine; Aquitaine, France)
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Notes: a pre-bid conference and site tour will be conducted at 11:30 am, local time, on november 21, 2016, in the eccta boardroom located at 801 wilbur avenue, antioch, california.The dbe goal for this contract shall be 4% of the total proposed price, excluding allowances.
* The roundabout no3, ensuring managing the intersection of 656 rd and fitted new path, * the roundabout no4, managing the intersection of 119 rd and fitted new path, * the roundabout No.8, managing the intersection between 119 rd and 292 rd, * Section 656 of the rd between the roundabout and the roundabout no3 existing access walibi, * taking into account all developments related to these facilities and their environmental impacts and their cumulative impacts of other projects perimetre.Le present in the project is estimated at 5,835,000 excluding taxes under study by eccta.L study will enable achievement of work more lots or markets work in a schedule of implementation between spring 2015 and autumn 2016, to reflect the financial programming of the client.