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ECDHElliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman
ECDHElliptic Curve Diffie Hellman
ECDHEntente Cycliste du Houdanais (French cycle club)
ECDHErie County Department of Health (Pennsylvania)
ECDHEuropean Car Distribution Handbook
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Cryptanalysis of DS-SIP authentication scheme using ECDH [C]," in Proc.
For MSP430, we used our lightweight implementation of elliptic curve primitives and ECDH algorithm.
The operations are optimized for the low-power microcontroller MSP430 and ECDH algorithm.
The ECDH algorithm is used for authenticating broadcasts from HN-sensor.
Figure 4 represents the simulation results for ECDH based key management scheme [6].
For generating a shared secret key between A1 and B1 using ECDH, both have to agree up on Elliptic Curve domain parameters.
The Communication and computation of tree based ECDH depends on trees height, balance of key tree, location of joining tree and leaving nodes.
4:1 11:1 11:1 (1) ECDH y ECDSA son variantes de los algoritmos de intercambio de claves Diffie Hellman y DSA incorporando grupos de curvas elipticas.
using the ECDH problem to establish a secure key between the user and the service provider, then using this key to encrypt the user's credential and complete the authentication and generate a new session key between the user and the cloud server.
The comparison results with known KAPs are presented and show a considerable computation time reduction in about 100 times compared to DH and ECDH.
Suppose the probability that we get ECDH value by picking randomly in the hash list is 1/[q.
ROSS employs ECDH key exchange to establish a shared session key (SSK) which is used to create a secure channel for the communication.