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ECDISElectronic Chart Display and Information System
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Finally, additional quality control of completed ENC cells is conducted in type-approved ECDIS systems to visually check the presentation of features from a mariner's perspective.
Since July 2012, ECDIS are scheduled to become compulsory on-board major commercial and government ships, becoming the centrepiece of integrated bridge systems.
The exchange with the pilot over the ECDIS symbols for the bridge span also strongly suggests that either the master did not understand one of the most important features of this critical piece of navigation equipment or did not have a sufficient grasp of English to understand and answer the pilot's question.
Approximately 60 % of the major European waterways are provided with ENC, 45 % of the total fleet on the Rhine--Danube network is equipped with AIS transponders and ECDIS, NtS are functional in 12 countries, navigation safety is provided throughout VTS/RIS centers at critical stretches along the waterway.
A sampling of titles includes a high-order continuum model of mixed traffic flow, analysis of freight information market based on game theory, vessel information service system based on ECDIS and AIS, and evacuation model and algorithms for emergency management system.
Modern navigation systems similar to those aboard larger warships--including SHINNADS (ARPA radar) and ECDIS (electronic charting)--were installed.
Lovell says the IPC has helped make the VDR-100 a unique product that offers customers up to four video inputs for additional radar, ECDIS or CCTV, 20-plus MIC inputs, multiple radio inputs, and almost unlimited sensor inputs.
The ECDIS displays a vessel's position in relation to charted objects, navigation aids and land, as well as unseen hazards.
Simrad announced its new Simrad E5024 ECDIS system, an IMO type approved navigation device aimed at the commercial shipping markets.
Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine's VisionMaster FT ECDIS is its closest competitor, also featuring picture-in-picture for visualisation of video, radar or sonar information; it is similarly a key building block in Sperry Marine's TotalWatch single integrated bridge display.
ECDIS is an approved system which displays information from electronic navigational charts and digital nautical charts and integrates them with other navigational sensors to provide continuous position and navigational safety information.