ECDIS-NElectronic Chart Display and Information System - Navy
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Earlier this year as part of a fleet-wide program to upgrade the Navy's surface ships and submarines with ECDIS-N systems, ECDIS-N was installed on the Aegis guided-missile cruiser USS Cape St.
With ECDIS-N, they no longer have to plot the ship's position, required for many tactical evolutions, but now use the ECDIS-N to understand the ship's location and voyage plan.
CHIPS: What effect will the ECDIS-N have on warfighting capability?
But ECDIS-N also al-lows the ability to overlay tactical data on the display, including the ship's surface search radar plot.
Willis: Radar overlay, as mentioned earlier, ECDIS-N allows the watchstanders to 'hook' tracks on the surface search radar and overlay them onto the DNCs.
ECDIS-N also associates visual and radar fixes with GPS positions, providing much better situational awareness in low visibility.
ECDIS-N provides what many consider a 'black box' recording for a vessel's track.
Willis: Without ECDIS-N, petty officers on the bridge and in the combat information center are both plotting the position and trying to keep track of the entire situational picture.
What ECDIS-N does is make this a much easier evolution.
These additions were made to the ECDIS resolution for the Navy variant, known as Electronic Charting Display Information System--Navy, or ECDIS-N.
CHIPS: Is there a transition plan to deploy the ECDIS-N to the fleet?
Willis: Yes, CNO (N6/7) is funding the ECDIS-N capability under several programs of record.