ECDMEvolution and Change in Data Management
ECDMEnterprise Calibration Data Management (software)
ECDMEuropean Conference on Data Mining
ECDMEnvironmentally Conscious Design and Manufacturing
ECDMElectro-Chemical Discharge Machining (engineering)
ECDMElectronic Clinical Data Management
ECDMEmmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec (architects)
ECDMeCommerce Capability Development Model
ECDMÉlevage Charolais Dessert Maurice (French livestock firm)
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The gap between spring elements may be filled with ECDM. Each flat spring has thickness of 1 mm and is made of aluminum alloy.
A study to improve drilling quality of electrochemical discharge machining (ECDM) process, Procedia CIRP 6., pp: 609-614.
EMC Enterprise Copy Data Management (eCDM) is an expansion of EMC's Copy Data Management portfolio, which helps customers tackle data sprawl and reduce the cost of storing and managing multiple copies of the same data.
O Estudo 2 teve por objetivo relatar a construcao da ECDM, com base nos itens elaborados a partir das frases extraidas das entrevistas do Estudo 1, e testar seus parametros de validade e precisao.
It is now roughing material out five times faster, and the ECDM time is one-half as much as before.
Generally, the ECDM process implies the existence of the electroconductive working liquid and the connection of the electrode tool to the cathode of the direct current source, while the workpiece is connected to the anode.
Finally, savings from the Energy Conservation Design Measures (ECDMs) were analyzed using the calibrated as-built simulation compared to the design baseline (i.e., base-case simulation), which has the same shape and function as the case-study building (i.e., calibrated as-built simulation model), but doesn't include the ECDMs.
FLC has been used successfully in many non-traditional machining processes such as EDM, wire- EDM (Lin, 2001) and ECDM (Skrabalak, 2004) and has demonstrated significant achievements.