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ECDNEnterprise Content Delivery Network (Cisco)
ECDNEuropean Consumer Debt Network (EU)
ECDNEnd Child Detention Now (UK)
ECDNEarly Childhood Dental Network (Minnesota)
ECDNEast Coast Drag News (drag racing)
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Assuming a minimum of 500 Logitech employees use the ECDN to access centralized applications, and a daily 10-minute time saving for each employee, the global saving in wait time alone translates to 22,000 hours annually.
We are continually impressed by Streamroot's technical prowess and believe that their peer-to-peer eCDN - in combination with the Livestream platform - is a valuable asset to organizations looking for high-quality, reliable, enterprise-grade live streaming experiences."
With Haivision's Makito X encoder, you can send a single, secure, high quality, live stream from the show floor, over the public Internet and into your eCDN. Once the stream hits your eCDN, you're letting your LAN/WAN infrastructure do the heavy lifting of live video distribution, rather than having to rely on Internet bandwidth.
For these companies, an eCDN approach works quite well, allowing content to be cached at various regional and satellite offices, with the option to prepopulate content to each location before making it available for use in digital signage, training, or even human resources testing scenarios.
From its software-defined enterprise content delivery network (SD ECDN) to edge related IT tools like Network Readiness Testing, Software Delivery and Network Analytics, Kollective drives a powerful ROI and makes the flexibility of software defined networking a reality.
a CDN or eCDN or WAN Acceleration device, and so forth.)
* eCDN distribution, the backbone that enables video to be scalably delivered across the corporate WAN, whether using a system of dedicated media servers to transrate, transmux and relay live video, or a software agent partitioned off an enterprise WAN optimization solution;
An ECDN approach is essentially an appliance that receives streaming content from the origin server and then passes it on to "service engines" at branch offices.
MediaPlatform PrimeTime is a video portal for the enterprise with built-in webcasting capability and eCDN that powers on-demand streaming.
* CDN Integration--CDNs host and deliver your files once you publish them, mpx allows you to define whether your target host is a web or streaming media server, an Internet CDN, or an eCDN (such as Alcatel Lucent's Velocix product).
* Enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN): A product or service that uses existing enterprise infrastructure and other technologies such as multicasting (a single stream viewable by many simultaneous viewers) and peer-to-peer delivery to streamline live and on-demand video delivery within the enterprise.