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ECDNEnterprise Content Delivery Network (Cisco)
ECDNEuropean Consumer Debt Network (EU)
ECDNEnd Child Detention Now (UK)
ECDNEarly Childhood Dental Network (Minnesota)
ECDNEast Coast Drag News (drag racing)
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Quantifying the economic benefits of Logitech's ECDN is difficult, as yet, but for a content-delivery investment of less than $150,000, Logitech has been able to create efficiencies that justify the ECDN expenditures.
Ustreams eCDN solution has helped us meet the New York State Senates growing demand for streaming video without degrading our network performance, said Jim Bell, Director, Senate Technology Services at New York State Senate.
When using rendez-vous, the encoder and eCDN initiate link requests from behind their respective firewalls, meeting halfway to handshake and establish a connection.
a CDN or eCDN or WAN Acceleration device, and so forth.
eCDN distribution, the backbone that enables video to be scalably delivered across the corporate WAN, whether using a system of dedicated media servers to transrate, transmux and relay live video, or a software agent partitioned off an enterprise WAN optimization solution;
CDN Integration--CDNs host and deliver your files once you publish them, mpx allows you to define whether your target host is a web or streaming media server, an Internet CDN, or an eCDN (such as Alcatel Lucent's Velocix product).