ECDOHEastern Cape Department of Health (South Africa)
ECDOHErie County Department of Health (New York)
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Several initiatives were launched by NYSDOH and ECDOH throughout Erie County to address the apparent clustering of HCV infection among injection-drug users.
According to the ECDOH, these areas reflect a high prevalence of: 1) poverty (<$14,000 annual household income); 2) adults with less than 12 years of education; 3) more than 35% of the population belongs to a minority group; 4) more than 15 per 100,000 live births infant mortality; 5) births with low birth weight (<2,500 gm); 6) births with no or late prenatal care; and 7) most homes built before 1950.
School 31 presented a special case because a full-time nurse was provided by the ECDOH, but no baseline was established.