ECDOHEastern Cape Department of Health (South Africa)
ECDOHErie County Department of Health (New York)
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Participants included senior management, project managers and coordinators, the IT directorate and e-health team representatives from the ECDoH. Vendor representatives and the user community based at the five hospitals were also included (e.g.
Telemedicine Table 2: Total participants STUDY PARTICIPANTS CATEGORY TOTAL N Vendors 3 Eastern Cape Department of Health (ECDoH) 6 Site Coordinators 5 (N=1 per case) Users (doctors, nurses, radiographers etc.
With initial detection of the cluster, an epidemiologic investigation was launched by NYSDOH in collaboration with ECDOH. Patients were interviewed in person by a two-person team at various locales, including correctional facilities, rehabilitation clinics, patient residences, and other locations.
Several initiatives were launched by NYSDOH and ECDOH throughout Erie County to address the apparent clustering of HCV infection among injection-drug users.
According to the ECDOH, these areas reflect a high prevalence of: 1) poverty (<$14,000 annual household income); 2) adults with less than 12 years of education; 3) more than 35% of the population belongs to a minority group; 4) more than 15 per 100,000 live births infant mortality; 5) births with low birth weight (<2,500 gm); 6) births with no or late prenatal care; and 7) most homes built before 1950.
By way of further illustration, the Eastern Cape Department of Health (ECDOH) and its levels of involvement are used in the Figure.