ECDPEarly Career Development Program (General Electric Africa)
ECDPErie County Democratic Party (Pennsylvania)
ECDPEco Depot Inc.
ECDPEssex Coalition of Disabled People (UK)
ECDPEuropean Conference on Developmental Psychology (various locations)
ECDPEuropean Cities on Drug Policy
ECDPEntreprise de Courses et de Distribution de Proximité (French shipping company)
ECDPErie Center for Design and Preservation (Erie, PA)
ECDPErie County Department of Planning (Erie, PA)
ECDPEthiopian Community Development Program (Washington, DC)
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Thats why I have decided to keep Queenslands ECDPs until at least 2020 a whole year after the NDIS transition is complete.
I also want to reassure parents that ECDPs will continue to accept new enrolments.
We understand that the NDIS will bring about immense change and a big shift in thinking, but we are committed to ensuring Queenslands transition is as smooth as possible which is why ECDPs will continue to run as they do now until 2020, Mrs ORourke said.
After the first ECDP was complete, Aon conducted a survey to see how the participants felt about the program.
To bring about an effective transition, the talent has to be nurtured and developed as part of the ECDP curriculum, which encompasses core, track, and department curricula.
Champions act as business liaisons to the ECDP team and can take one of four forms, namely track champions, location champions, HR champions, and campus champions.
Pastoral del Nino, an ECDP ongoing in Paraguay since 1995, takes a grass-roots approach to early childhood intervention.
Further, based on similarity of IT-HOME and BSID-II scores, the NP sample appears to represent adequately other rural Paraguayan children who also had not participated in an ECDP.
Even a highly successful ECDP such as Pastoral will not be effective against the national and multinational forces that create the conditions for extreme poverty.
Overall, children in the United States who attend quality ECDPs have lower rates of enrollment in special education services, lower rates of grade retention, lower rates of arrests as teens, and higher high school graduation rates than those not enrolled as children (Reynolds, Temple, Robertson, & Mann, 2001).
Effective ECDPs in the developing world typically involve at least several of the following facets of child development: nutritional supplementation and good nutritional practices; breast-feeding; reduction of parasites; information on making oral rehydration salts (ORS); prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal health care, including immunizations for mother and child; cognitive, linguistic, and social stimulation; and parenting.
Poverty is known to correlate with poor child development and more problematic parenting practices, yet few ECDPs focus on the contextual issues of poverty, such as poor housing, dangerous living conditions, lack of health insurance coverage for children, or problematic parent work schedules.