ECDRElectronic Cohort Default Rate (student financial aid software)
ECDREuropean Copyright and Design Reports (UK)
ECDRElectric City Dirt Riders (Montana)
ECDRÉcole de Conduite Dubois-Rovelli (French driving school)
ECDREye Care Displayable Report (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise)
ECDREnhanced Call Detail Record
ECDREnzymatically-Controlled Drug Release (pharmaceutical products)
ECDRElectronic Controlled Drug Register
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(138) This is '[t]he example often given' of separateness: Beckingham v Hodgens [2003] ECDR 6, 59 [46] (Judge Floyd).
The [[bar.V.sub.EC2Dr] / [V.sub.exp]] - [[bar.V.sub.calc] / [V.sub.exp]] difference in samples 1, 2, 5 is statistically significant in all methods except for ECDr. The [[bar.V.sub.EC2Dr] / [V.sub.exp]] - [[barV.sub.ACI] / [V.sub.exp]] difference in samples 3 and 4 is statistically insignificant.
Molino [2000] ECDR 320 is authority for the proposition that courts are likely to imply beneficial ownership of copyright to someone who commissions a work in circumstances where there is no (explicit) written assignment from the author.
The working prototype of the site, currently called the Early Childhood Data Reporting System (ECDRS) and available at, will be going through a complete redesign in the near future.