ECDSEnvironment Climate Data Sweden
ECDSElectronic Clinical Data Systems (National Committee for Quality Assurance)
ECDSEssex County Dental Society (Canada)
ECDSEnhanced Container Delivery System (airdrops)
ECDSEvergreen Country Day School (Evergreen, CO)
ECDSEmergency Care Documentation Systems
ECDSEast Coast Drainage Solutions Ltd. (UK)
ECDSEarly Childhood Development Services (various organizations)
ECDSEnterprise Content Delivery Service
ECDSEricsson Content Delivery System
ECDSEaston Country Day School (Connecticut)
ECDSEmployee Communicable Diseases Surveillance (University Health Network; Canada)
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They also suggest that--despite the amino acid differences in ECD between the two paralogs--the residues important for ligand binding are conserved, and they recognize the mammalian ligands activin A and MSTN to the same extent.
The extracellular domain (ECD) of saActRIIB-2a (amino acids 23-133) was obtained from a bacterial clone containing the ActRIIB-2a variant (Funkenstein et al., 2012) by PCR (polymerase chain reaction) amplification using primers:
This situation puts the standards and expecta- tions very high, which means more pressure on the ECDs. If they do not deliver, they suddenly vanish.
ECDs take advantage of electro-muscular disruption technology, which uses a high-voltage, low-power charge of electricity to disrupt the central nervous system and induce involuntary muscle contractions.
"Every adult over 65 should be listed by their physicians for ECDs because the sooner they can get a kidney, the better the chance of survival," said Dorry Segev, MD, PhD, associate professor of surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the study's leader.
The stability of the ECDs were studied by cyclic-volta-metry, from +2 V to -0.5 V with 400 mV/s of scan rate.
TASER International's TASER ECDs provide innovative accountability in oversight with built-in data port microchips that track deployments, including the time, date and duration of its activations.
On the other hand, all participants in ECDS have access to the raw detail of each participant's survey using a Web-based tool that also allows users to select their own comparison groups and apply various filters to the data.
When explosives vapors are introduced into the electron capture detector (ECD), the detector's standing current changes, and an electronic signal goes off, indicating the presence of an explosive or another electronegative compound.
As in 20th-century English national parks, local countryside planning commissions define local rural and urban land use patterns within and outside the ECDs. This complies with national and provincial planning mandates and with financial subsidies for landowners in historic or landscape protection districts aimed at preserving special natural or built environments.