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ECDSAElliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm
ECDSAExtended Cics Dynamic Storage Area
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Another interesting result is that when the number of received messages is smaller than 8, the ECDSA scheme achieves the smallest message verification latency; however, when the number of messages is greater than 8, our scheme yields much less verification latency.
Two DS schemes based on PKC are evaluated in this paper which are RSA and ECDSA. The results show that ECDSA is more efficient than RSA on both MicaZ and TelosB sensor motes since it based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) that is less complex than other PKC schemes.
If the signature is invalid, [AP.sub.j] rejects it; otherwise, [AP.sub.j] Selects a random number b [member of] [Z.sup.*.sub.p] and computes [[sigma].sub.j] = ECDSA.Sig(rmsg, [sk.sub.j]), where [mathematical expression not reproducible].
Note: ECDSA as used in blockchain is related to other elliptical curve cryptographical algorithms.
This library also contains all the necessities for the ECDH and ECDSA algorithms.
(ii) ECDSA is used to prevent man-in-the-middle attack that ECDH suffers from, to realize the mutual authentication.
In order to extenuate the awaited attacks and vulnerabilities in VANETs, ECDSA algorithm is introduced based on the attack model and awaited susceptibilities on an anon.
Lastly, we make detailed comparison between the optimized signcryption scheme and other typical schemes, including the blind signature of D.Chaum and the ECDSA signature.
Subliminal channels can be used in this context since ECDSA the signature algorithm in IEEE 1609.2 standard for security in VANETs is not subliminal-free [8].
(Each member can use a different signature algorithm such as RSA-based signature algorithm, digital signature algorithm (DSA), and elliptic curve digital signature algorithm (ECDSA).
According to ZDNet ( citing the video presentation, the researchers explained that to break iMessage encryption (AES, RSA, and ECDSA algorithms) in the manner shown would require the attacker to get physical control of the device - once.
Secure Pocket Drive uses the same on-board hardware security infrastructure that is built into the SPYRUS Hydra Privacy CardR family, including AES CBC, ECDH, ECDSA, ECC P-384, and SHA-384, which together make up the National Security Agency's Suite B cryptography, a part of its cryptographic modernization program.