ECDVUEarly Childhood Development Virtual University (program of the School of Child and Youth Care, University of Victoria;Victoria, BC, Canada)
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First, the relative absence of a well-developed and current ECD literature base in Africa was one of the needs addressed through the ECDVU initiative.
In certain respects the origins of the ECDVU are not in Africa, but in Aboriginal communities in Canada.
His voice of support marked the beginning of the ECDVU.
The two sets of ADEA-WGECD studies have been considered in somewhat more detail than other ECD policy-related events that have taken place in Africa as those two studies, and the work of the ECDVU participants discussed below, represent a relatively rare set of multicountry documents.
Having now provided a brief international and African context for the increasing profile enjoyed by ECD throughout the 1990s and into the 21st century, the following section will focus on ECD policy-related work undertaken by members of the inaugural ECDVU program in Africa.
Parenting and parent/community-school collaborations are central themes in the projects undertaken by several of the ECDVU graduates.
In a study preceding her ECDVU project, Ibetoh (2002) examined community-school partnership by analyzing participation in PTA activities in 200 schools in Imo State, Nigeria.
Promotion of the Use of Indigenous Knowledge in Early Childhood Development Within the ECDVU Program
The ECDVU program places indigenous knowledge, local culture, and contextual learning at the heart of its curriculum.
ECDVU Action Research Projects Related to Care of Young HIV/AIDS Orphan Children in Uganda, Nigeria, Zambia, and Ghana
The unprecedented numbers of young OVC in Sub-Saharan Africa prompted four members of the inaugural graduate-level cohort of the ECDVU to undertake a final project or thesis exploring aspects of care for young OVC which related to their ongoing professional work in their respective countries.
Clearly the results have demonstrated the ECDVU participants' ability to bridge the divide between theory and practice--for themselves and for those with whom they work.