ECEBElectrical and Computer Engineering Building (University of Illinois)
ECEBEnseignement Catholique en Béthunois (French: Catholic Education in Béthunois)
ECEBEgyptian Cultural and Educational Bureau
ECEBE center for E business (Volgenau School of Information Technology and Engineering, Fairfax, VA)
ECEBEuropean Center for E-Business (France)
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Ericson, Patrick Baron, Dan Areshenko, Jessica Jeong and William Hong (Capital Markets); Robert Holo and Morgan Otway (Tax); Larry Moss and Pinto Adhola (ECEB); Lori Lesser, Marcela Robledo, Marissa Lambert and Loren Shokes (Intellectual Property); Mike Isby (Environmental); and Jennie Getsin (Blue Sky).
Murray (Tax); James Cross, Edward Bersuder and Sonia Gupta (Credit); Larry Moss, Monisha Bhayana and Adam Cohen (ECEB); Peter Guryan, Ellen L.
The Simpson Thacher teams included Atif Azher, Mark Myott, Andrew Simon-Rooke, Blake Meyer and Laura Berzins (M&A Palo Alto); Jon Corsico (M&A D.C.); Yang Wang, Amy Liu and Jie Min (M&A Beijing); Chris Brown, Jim Doyle, Rustin Brown and Mark Haddox (Credit); Katharine Moir and Jacqueline Clinton (Tax); Tristan Brown and Alex Ellebracht (ECEB); Krista McManus, Timothy Gallagher and Dennis Loiacono (Real Estate); Marcela Robledo and Marissa Lambert (IP); Tim Mulvihill (Environmental); and Sara Razi, Kelly Karapetyan and Ellen Frye (Antitrust)
The Simpson Thacher team for this offering included, among others, Lesley Peng and Eva Kang (Capital Markets); Adam Cohen and Spencer Sloan (Bank Regulatory); Jamin Koslowe (ECEB); Jonathan Cantor and Caroline Phillips (Tax); and Andrew Pagliughi (FINRA and Blue Sky).
The Simpson Thacher team included Lee Meyerson and Shalini May (M&A); Jon Goldstein and Nicole Humphrey (Tax); Jeannine McSweeney and Jason Fixelle (ECEB); Krista McManus (Real Estate); and Spencer Sloan (Bank Regulatory).
The Simpson Thacher team includes Elizabeth Cooper, Shaun Levor, Michael Chao, Katherine Smith, Steven LoCascio and Matthew Freeze (M&A); Brian Gluck and Dennis Durkin (Credit); Greg Grogan and Jake Phillips (ECEB); Gary Mandel, Morgan Otway and Dmitry Zelik (Tax); Lori Lesser and Alysha Sekhon (IP); Krista McManus (Real Estate); and Peter Guryan and Ellen Frye (Antitrust).
The Simpson Thacher team includes Edward Chung, David Lieberman, Eli Hunt, Jonathan Stradling and Jiarui Li (M&A); Brian Steinhardt, Amy Beller and Elise Quinones (Credit); Larry Moss, Joo Hyun Lee and Stephan Bradley (ECEB); Krista McManus (Real Estate); Lori Lesser and Kate Stein (IP); and Andrew Purcell and Morgan Otway (Tax).
Marricco (M&A); David Rubinsky, Eric Wolf and Adam Cohen (ECEB); Jonathan Goldstein and Dmitry Zelik (Tax); and Keith Noreika and Spencer Sloan (Bank Regulatory).
The Simpson Thacher team includes Patrick Ryan, Stephanie Rotter and Rustin Brown (Credit); Art Robinson, John Ericson and Clark Warthen (Capital Markets); Larry Moss and Adam Cohen (ECEB); Adeeb R.
The Simpson Thacher team included Ken Wyman, Amy Beller and Sam Egendorf (Credit); Larry Moss and Pasco Struhs (ECEB); Timothy Gallagher and Dennis Loiacono (Real Estate); and Andrew Purcell and Sarah Katz (Tax).