ECECSElectrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science
ECECSExecutive Control and Essential Command Supervision (US Army)
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The first study (Warren J, 2013), underpinned by Bronfenbrenner's ecological theory (Bronfenbrenner, 1986), used a mixed-method design involving questionnaires, interviews and focus groups to determine the perceptions of key stakeholders in the process of transition into ECEC centres for children with disabilities.
This national approach aims to deliver a consistent, holistic approach to high-quality ECEC engagement for all children, irrespective of their diverse and complex needs.
Study I: Transition of children with disabilities into ECEC centres
Tanto para o Chile como para a Argentina, estudos concluiram que o acesso a educacao pre-escolar e a creches de baixo custo (ECEC (11)) ou escolas em tempo integral tem efeito positivo sobre as taxas de participacao na forca de trabalho das maes (Samuel BERLINSKI; Sebastian GALLIANI e Patrick McEWAN, 2008; Dante CONTRERAS; Paulina SEPULVEDA; Soledad CABRERA, 2009; Patricia MEDRANO, 2009).
(11) ECEC e a sigla utilizada pela OCDE (Organizacao para Cooperacao e Desenvolvimento Economico) para designar Early Childhood Education and Care, livremente traduzida por Educacao e Cuidado para Primeira Infancia.
Because nonreimbursable GOV support for Category C activities is restricted to ECECS, no-fare GOV transport may not be used for Category C programs/activities.
"ECECS consists of program, fiscal, logistical, and other managerial functions that are required to ensure oversight." Id.
Only the use of GOVs on a "reimbursable lease" basis is authorized for other than ECECS. Id.
SACS-R has been found to be the most reliable developmental surveillance tool available in the primary health setting and translation of this tool across early childhood education and care (ECEC) settings has the potential to reduce the two-two-and-a-half-year delay in detecting developmental challenges in young children.
ECEC reform has been a key issue for national and state governments in recent years.
A representative sample of educators (n = 45) from 17 different ECEC centres (long day care) across the Northern Rivers, NSW, and Gold Coast, Queensland (Qld) regions of Australia with a diverse range of professional experience and qualifications and a clinician with extensive training and experience in assessment and intervention for young children with developmental challenges, including ASD, participated.