ECEGEuropean Conference on E Government
ECEGElectronic Commerce Expert Group (Australia)
ECEGEuropean Chemical Employers Group
ECEGEasy Come, Easy Go
ECEGE-Commerce and E-Government Lab (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
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"Common Topics in Eighteenth-Century Prefaces to English School Grammars: An Application of the ECEG Database." Transactions of the Philological Society iii (2): 202-222.
"Causing industry to leave Europe would not lead to the low carbon world we all seek," added ECEG Chairman Simon Marsh.
"The Social Partner Dialogue between ECEG and EMCEF (workers) will not be limited to social affairs subjects, but will--whenever appropriate together with the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) and with close involvement of other relevant institutions and associations of the industry--focus as well on business issues, general economic conditions, environmental and other questions.
It is binding on members of the ECEG and EMCEF but does not replace provisions in the same area adopted at national, regional or company level.
The 1st ECEG took the mission anyway, and when the telltale cadence of the four turboprop engines grew louder and louder the evening of Oct.
Jason Stevens, the 1st ECEG officer in charge of the project, detailed the project during its outset.
Union representatives (EMCEF - European Mine, Chemical and Energy Workers Federation) and business representatives (ECEG - European Chemical Employers Group) of the European chemicals industry together with CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council) have signed a joint statement on the new chemicals policy.
The agreement builds on a long-term activity of both institutions in the EU umbrella organizations (ECEG = IndustryAll = employers and employees), whose negotiations with both partners participate.
The project called "Building the European Centre for Geological Education in Checinach" (ECEG) will be located in the municipality of rural-urban Checiny, lying about 15 km from Kielce, in the province.
In ECEG infrastructure will be located teaching and educational research of supra-local and supra-regional, allowing to carry out teaching and performing its educational and research based on modern equipment, apparatus and software, teaching and research.