ECEGEuropean Conference on E Government
ECEGElectronic Commerce Expert Group (Australia)
ECEGEuropean Chemical Employers Group
ECEGEasy Come, Easy Go
ECEGE-Commerce and E-Government Lab (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
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Jason Stevens, the 1st ECEG officer in charge of the project, detailed the project during its outset.
Causing industry to leave Europe would not lead to the low carbon world we all seek," added ECEG Chairman Simon Marsh.
For ECEG Chair Jean Pelin, "this is a real advance for the new member states, which had not yet begun the harmonisation of skills acquired at the workplace".
Both EMCEF and ECEG raise the possible risk of investments moving away from Europe.
In ECEG infrastructure will be located teaching and educational research of supra-local and supra-regional, allowing to carry out teaching and performing its educational and research based on modern equipment, apparatus and software, teaching and research.