ECEIEuropean Conference on Entrepreneurship and Innovation (various locations)
ECEIEngineering Credentials Evaluation International
ECEIÉcole de Coiffure et d'Esthétique de l'Indre (French: School of Hairdressing and Aesthetics of Indre)
ECEIEarly Childhood Education Initiative (Aspen Community Foundation)
ECEIEastern Consolidated Energy, Inc. (research company; Warfield, KY)
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Parents' engagement with an ECEI service provider is broadly recognised as part of a risk minimalisation discourse viewed as the last step, or 'referral completion' in a child's diagnostic journey (Jennings & Hanline, 2013, p.
ECEI solo se obtuvo en un caso (0,59%), cepa en la cual amplificaron los genes ipaH y virF (Fig.
Aliquot A was treated with phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) only and served as control, rat big ET was added to aliquot B to a final concentration of 10 pmol/mL, and aliquot C was treated with rat big ET and with the ECEi at a final concentration of 50 [micro]mol/L.
anqrwpo~ loidorian poieitai, liqino~ ei legoito, qeo~ de; alhqeuetai w~ touto to euwnumon, ek krhmnwn gennatai; apaideutoi, ouk iste oti ouk esti qeo~ ceirotmhto~, oude; ex arch~ basin ecei, oude; ecei ena peribolon, all olo~ o kosmo~ autw nao~ esti, zwoi~ kai futoi~ kai astroi~ pepoikilmeno~; You ignorant men, teach us first what God is, so that you may be trusted when you talk of being impious.
kai murmhki colhn kai serfw fasin eneinai: eita colhn men ecei zwa ta faulotata, ekkeisqai d eme pasi colhn mh sconta keleuei~, w~ mhde yiloi~ rhmasin antadikein tou~ ergoi~ adikounta~; apofraxanta dehsei loipon oloscoinw to stoma, mhde pneein.
In strophe 2 Romanos firstly focuses on Herod's fear, which stems from Isaiah's prophecy of the Christ, who in the strophe is called by various titles: paidivon, uio~, pantwn pathr, twn aiwnwn despoth~, basileu~ tou panto~, megalh~ boulh~ aggelo~, qeio~ iscuro~, pantacou acwrhto~, and the one who has the government (archn ecei) on his shoulders.