ECEIEuropean Conference on Entrepreneurship and Innovation (various locations)
ECEIEngineering Credentials Evaluation International
ECEIÉcole de Coiffure et d'Esthétique de l'Indre (French: School of Hairdressing and Aesthetics of Indre)
ECEIEarly Childhood Education Initiative (Aspen Community Foundation)
ECEIEastern Consolidated Energy, Inc. (research company; Warfield, KY)
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Parents' engagement with an ECEI service provider is broadly recognised as part of a risk minimalisation discourse viewed as the last step, or 'referral completion' in a child's diagnostic journey (Jennings & Hanline, 2013, p.
ECEI solo se obtuvo en un caso (0,59%), cepa en la cual amplificaron los genes ipaH y virF (Fig.
Conforme ja dissemos, mesmo nos casos em que o docente nao assinala nenhum dos ECEIs, ele marca outros elementos que, no seu entender, funcionam como ECEI.
Aliquot A was treated with phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) only and served as control, rat big ET was added to aliquot B to a final concentration of 10 pmol/mL, and aliquot C was treated with rat big ET and with the ECEi at a final concentration of 50 [micro]mol/L.
anqrwpo~ loidorian poieitai, liqino~ ei legoito, qeo~ de; alhqeuetai w~ touto to euwnumon, ek krhmnwn gennatai; apaideutoi, ouk iste oti ouk esti qeo~ ceirotmhto~, oude; ex arch~ basin ecei, oude; ecei ena peribolon, all olo~ o kosmo~ autw nao~ esti, zwoi~ kai futoi~ kai astroi~ pepoikilmeno~; You ignorant men, teach us first what God is, so that you may be trusted when you talk of being impious.
The NDIA is working with Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) and Local Area Coordination (LAC) partners to deliver the NDIS in local communities across Australia.
kai murmhki colhn kai serfw fasin eneinai: eita colhn men ecei zwa ta faulotata, ekkeisqai d eme pasi colhn mh sconta keleuei~, w~ mhde yiloi~ rhmasin antadikein tou~ ergoi~ adikounta~; apofraxanta dehsei loipon oloscoinw to stoma, mhde pneein.
In strophe 2 Romanos firstly focuses on Herod's fear, which stems from Isaiah's prophecy of the Christ, who in the strophe is called by various titles: paidivon, uio~, pantwn pathr, twn aiwnwn despoth~, basileu~ tou panto~, megalh~ boulh~ aggelo~, qeio~ iscuro~, pantacou acwrhto~, and the one who has the government (archn ecei) on his shoulders.
The NDIS is working to source a partner to deliver ECEI services in the region.
In Rockhampton, BUSHkids will deliver ECEI services to children aged zero to six and Carers Queensland Incorporated will deliver LAC services.