ECEMEuropean Conference on Eye Movements
ECEMEuropean Conference on Ecological Modelling
ECEMEuropean College of Economics and Management (Bulgaria)
ECEMEchar Construction Equipment Manufacturers (South Africa)
ECEMEvent-Correlation-Based Event Manager (computing)
ECEMÉtude Conception Électronique Mécanique (French: Study Design Electronics Mechanics)
ECEMEspace Culturel Etre Maintenant (French: Cultural Space Being Now; religious movement)
ECEMEuropean Congress on Emergency Medicine (European Society for Emergency Medicine)
ECEMInternational Conference on e-Commerce and e-Management
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The ECEM demands also include utilizing a roster electoral system instead of an electoral system composed of individual candidates; passing legislation that guarantees the exclusion of the executive authority in influencing the elections; and putting the voting rosters under the control of the general prosecution rather than under the Ministry of Interior's control.
The ECEM is composed of 123 different organizations and is headed by the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR).
Mr Michael K Molen CEO of Vega Biofuels, Inc said that "We have been working with ECEM for a long time and we are proud to receive a firm order for our Bio-coal product.
4-548 Eagle Polymers 7-643 Eastman Chemical BV 7-536 EASYTEC GmbH 4-564 Febsoft GmbH 5-231 EC MN 7-405 ECEM BV 1-624 eChem Ltd.