ECEMEEscola de Comando e Estado Maior do Exercito (Brazil)
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Consulate and the ECEME which can be cumbersome and to acclimatize and begin looking for suitable housing.
After a nine-day mid-course vacation, the students returned to the ECEME to begin a nearly identical process to learn offensive operations.
In addition to the normal course requirements, the ECEME incorporated a number of activities specific to the foreign students.
Study Trips: Throughout year, the ECEME planned, funded, and executed a number of study trips for the foreign students.
Family Program: In addition to the study trips, the ECEME organized a series of weekend trips to various historic and tourist sites within driving distance of Rio de Janeiro.
It quickly became evident that this perspective is sorely lacking in the Brazilian military mindset, and therefore in the ECEME curriculum.
Representational Opportunities: Each foreign officer was required to make a presentation to the entire ECEME on the day of their respective national independence days.
Southern Command commander; organizing a visit and lecture at the ECEME by the United States Army South commander; and serving as a Portuguese translator for the Southern Command commander during the 1st Southern Cone Defense Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina.