ECEPEnergy, Commodities, Export Project
ECEPEuropéenne de Conseil et d'Expertise de Paris (French: European Council and Expertise of Paris; Paris, France)
ECEPEvery Child Every Promise
ECEPEquivalent Circular Probable Error (two-dimensional probability and statistics)
ECEPExploitation Commerciale d'Editions de Presse (French: Commercial Exploitation of Editions Press)
ECEPEncourager la Culture de l'Evaluation Chez les Professionnels (French: Encourage the Culture of Evaluation among Professionals)
ECEPEarly Childhood Evaluation Program
ECEPEquine and Comparative Exercise Physiology
ECEPElectronic Currency Exchange Program
ECEPEast and Central Europe Program
ECEPEastern Carolina Emergency Physicians
ECEPeffectively connected earnings and profits
ECEPEarly Childhood Education Professional
ECEPEscherichia coli enteropatogenica
ECEPEffective Compliance and Ethics Program
ECEPEarly Care and Education Program
ECEPExternal Clinical Education Program
ECEPEarly Childhood Educational Programs
ECEPEarly Childhood Education Programme
ECEPEarly College Entrance Program
ECEPEarly Care and Education Provider
ECEPExperiment Checkout Equipment Processor (NASA)
ECEPEarly Childhood Endorsement Program
ECEPEnvironment Capacity Enhancement Project
ECEPEarly Childhood Education Pilot
ECEPEast Coast Entertainment Productions
ECEPEnhancing the Capacity of Election Practitioners
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One ECEP participant stated that, 'our program provides outreach services to vulnerable families, and this appears to work very well for these families, especially home visits and outreach into the playgroups where vulnerable families are welcomed and feel comfortable'.
Many ECEP participants articulated that accessible, easy to understand communication about the service is crucial.
net equity during the tax year, the corporation is deemed to have reinvested a portion of current-year ECEP in its U.
net equity is then added to the current-year ECEP in calculating DEA.
coli, revelo que del total de las cepas aisladas, 16,90% eran del tipo ECEP, 6,50% del tipo ECEAgg, 2,60% del tipo ECST y 74,00% eran cepas no patogenas (FIG.
5), lo que permitio clasificar las cepas como ECEP "tipicas", mientras que las ocho cepas restantes (10,40%) fueron catalogadas como ECEP "atipicas", porque solo amplifico el gen eae.
115) ECEP employees at BNPP Paris purposefully excluded references to Cuba and had other banks do the same in order to ensure the transactions were not halted because of sanctions.
For these reasons, Compliance does not want to stand in the way of maintaining this activity for ECEP and [BNPP Geneva].
Solo dos cepas amplificaron el gen eae y el gen bfp (1,18%), clasificandose como ECEP "tipicas" (Fig.
2008 coinfeccion con posible ECEP En crias de alpacas con diarrea de 8 a Waitt et 18 dias de edad en Oregon al.
Training of ECEPs consisted of either attendance at a three-hour workshop on the early signs of ASD with a focus on examples of typical and atypical presentation for key behavioural markers, presented by Dr Josephine Barbara--author of the SACS-R in February 2015--or an individual coaching session, conducted in the early childhood education classroom by the primary researcher, who is an experienced paediatric therapist with 10+ years of experience in assessment and intervention for children with ASD.