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ECEPEnergy, Commodities, Export Project
ECEPEuropéenne de Conseil et d'Expertise de Paris (French: European Council and Expertise of Paris; Paris, France)
ECEPEvery Child Every Promise
ECEPEquivalent Circular Probable Error (two-dimensional probability and statistics)
ECEPExploitation Commerciale d'Editions de Presse (French: Commercial Exploitation of Editions Press)
ECEPEncourager la Culture de l'Evaluation Chez les Professionnels (French: Encourage the Culture of Evaluation among Professionals)
ECEPEarly Childhood Evaluation Program
ECEPEquine and Comparative Exercise Physiology
ECEPElectronic Currency Exchange Program
ECEPEast and Central Europe Program
ECEPEastern Carolina Emergency Physicians
ECEPeffectively connected earnings and profits
ECEPEarly Childhood Education Professional
ECEPEffective Compliance and Ethics Program
ECEPEscherichia coli enteropatogenica
ECEPEarly Care and Education Program
ECEPExternal Clinical Education Program
ECEPEarly Childhood Educational Programs
ECEPEarly Childhood Education Programme
ECEPEarly Care and Education Provider
ECEPEarly College Entrance Program
ECEPExperiment Checkout Equipment Processor (NASA)
ECEPEarly Childhood Endorsement Program
ECEPEnvironment Capacity Enhancement Project
ECEPEarly Childhood Education Pilot
ECEPEast Coast Entertainment Productions
ECEPEnhancing the Capacity of Election Practitioners
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They raise the set aside of estimated available PIT receipts to 50%, from 25%, and supplement the pledge with 50% of future ECEP receipts.
Many ECEP participants articulated that accessible, easy to understand communication about the service is crucial.
(115) ECEP employees at BNPP Paris purposefully excluded references to Cuba and had other banks do the same in order to ensure the transactions were not halted because of sanctions.
Coverage Problem Formulation to ECEP. To find the proper fitness functions as a part of genetic algorithm, the formula introduce by Quintao et al.
coli aisladas (de pacientes y controles), se les investigo los genes de virulencia, realizando una mezcla de reaccion con un volumen final de 25 [micron]L; para detectar la amplificacion de cada uno de los siguientes genes: eae y bfp (ECEP), siguiendo los protocolos descritos por Fagan y col.
assets, if the election is made for a year in which there is positive current ECEP, but negative accumulated ECEP.
El Estudio Chileno de Epidemiologia Psiquiatrica (ECEP) (28) fue desarrollado para determinar la prevalencia y factores de riesgo de las enfermedades mentales y se baso en un muestreo representativo de la poblacion nacional.
In the report, ECEP says the chemical ``scares'' and disasters of the past - with organophosphate pesticides like DDT the most notorious examples - are likely to be repeated in future.